TouchBistro’s Self-Ordering Kiosk for Restaurants

Serve more guests, move lines faster, and increase order accuracy, all without adding to your labor costs. Meet TouchBistro Kiosk.

Help Guests Help Themselves

Our intuitive, iPad-based self-ordering system lets guests place their own orders in just a few taps. Your restaurant can take more orders in less time, without increasing payroll.

  • Improve Productivity with POS Integration
    Orders automatically get sent to your TouchBistro POS and Kitchen Display System, reducing communication errors and ticket times.

  • A Customizable Screen Lets You Show Off Your Menu
    A fully-customizable visual menu guides diners through the self-serve experience. The screen doubles as a marketing tool, letting you share promotions and display your restaurant’s branding.

  • Reduce Labor Costs with a Fully Self-Serve Experience
    When guests place orders via self-service kiosks, your restaurant can generate more sales in less time while reducing labor costs. You can reassign FOH staff from taking orders to higher-value tasks.

  • Increase Average Check Size with Automated Upselling
    Your employees aren’t the only ones capable of upselling. You can program your kiosks to suggest add-ons, upgrades, and combos.

  • Inform Business Decisions with Detailed Reports
    Our restaurant kiosk solution gives you access to detailed sales reports and insights about customer preferences. Use this data to reach the right business decisions faster.

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What kind of hardware do I need to run TouchBistro Kiosk?

Our recommended bundle for each self-ordering Kiosk includes an iPad Pro 12.9″, iPad stand, and receipt printer.

How much does the Kiosk cost?

Our self-service restaurant Kiosk is priced as an additional license to TouchBistro POS. Get a quote to learn more.

How does Kiosk integrate with my TouchBistro POS?

Kiosk seamlessly integrates with your TouchBistro POS, which helps lower training time and makes the system easier to manage when it’s up and running.

Can the Kiosk take payments?

Integrated payments for Kiosk is only available in Canada.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Kiosk

Learn how to use your restaurant’s self-ordering system to upsell to guests, master the lunch rush, keep lines moving, and more on TouchBistro’s blog.

See TouchBistro Kiosk in Action

An iPad with the TouchBistro Software opened