Self Ordering For Quick Service

Moving quickly and operating leanly is the key to success in the quick-service restaurant business.

That’s why many QSRs are looking to self ordering solutions to help bust lines and reduce labour costs. And while there are many solutions out there that may help lower costs, none are focused on also increasing your revenue. Enter TouchBistro Kiosk.

TouchBistro Kiosk is the only integrated self ordering app for restaurants designed specifically to drive up your average guest check size.


Let your customers make you more revenue

Encourage customers to spend more per order with a modern, suggestion-driven ordering experience.
Bust lines and take more orders faster with less hassle thanks to the low cost and ease of installation.
Enable your staff with a simple and consistent solution for management, reporting, and payments that seamlessly connects to TouchBistro POS
"With TouchBistro Kiosk, our customers get to discover the menu differently than they normally would. They end up adding avocado, bacon, chicken and higher priced items to their orders, which has resulted in a 2X increase to our average guest check size."
Colleen Wagner, Owner / Léa French Street Food
Oak Park, IL

Key Features And Benefits

  • Encourage your customers to spend more per order
  • Bust lines and take more orders faster
  • Simple order steps for patrons
  • Automatic display of priced add-ons or combos
  • Accept credit and debit payment right at the device
  • Accept cash payment at the register for orders placed at the Kiosk
  • Customizable branding and menu display
  • Seamless integration with TouchBistro POS


What is different about selling Kiosk vs. POS?

Venues should be encouraged to design the restaurant with self ordering in mind so that Kiosk can be successful. Flow of traffic in the restaurant and placement of the Kiosk(s) is essential to the success of both the product and the restaurant.

Is a Pro Server required to run Kiosk?

Yes. The customer must be on a Dual plan or higher and have a Pro Server.

What physical stands are recommended?

Heckler’s Windfall Tall stands are a great fit for most venues. Venues should be encouraged to bolt down stands and secure devices carefully.

What iPads are supported?

iPad Pro and iPad Air models are fully supported. iPad Mini models are not supported.

What payment processors and devices are supported?

US customers can use Vantiv's ICMP & IPP350. Moneris support for Canadian customers is coming soon.

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