TouchBistro’s Restaurant Loyalty Software

Turn first-time guests into lucrative regulars, and regulars into promoters with a loyalty solution that helps your restaurant create rewarding experiences for every guest.

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  • Streamline Operations with POS Integration
    Diners earn loyalty points and rewards automatically based on items purchased and amount spent.

  • A CRM Platform to Help You Deliver an Exceptional Guest Experience
    TouchBistro Loyalty doubles as a CRM platform, letting you capture details like food preferences, visit history, birthdays, and more to give diners more of what they want.

  • Rewards You Can Customize for Your Business
    Tailor your loyalty program to meet the needs of your bar, food truck, FSR, or QSR with a rewards system based on guest spend and items purchased.

  • Integrated Online Ordering to Supercharge Every Revenue Stream
    Incentivize repeat orders across all your channels. Use TouchBistro Loyalty and TouchBistro Online Ordering together to reward customers whether they order in venue or online.

  • A Customer Web App to Increase Guest Engagement
    Our easily customizable Customer Web App allows diners to earn, redeem, and track their rewards all from their own device.

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions with Detailed Reporting
    Access detailed reporting on your rewards and loyalty programs to help you make smarter decisions for your business.

  • Create Targeted Promotions with Marketing Integration
    Integrates with TouchBistro Marketing so you can combine guest data with advanced email marketing for a 360-degree customer engagement solution – all on one platform.

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Where is TouchBistro Loyalty available?

TouchBistro Loyalty is currently available to restaurants in Canada (excluding Québec) and the United States.

Is additional hardware required?

No additional hardware is required to run TouchBistro Loyalty.

Can this program be used across multiple locations?

Yes. Your TouchBistro customer loyalty programs can be used across your restaurant’s locations.

Can customers earn and redeem rewards through their online orders?

Yes. TouchBistro Loyalty integrates with TouchBistro Online Ordering, so customers can earn and redeem rewards when placing orders in venue or online.

What sort of information can I collect from my customers?

You can track personal information provided through contact information, visit data (frequency, spend, orders, etc.), and rewards redeemed (check discounts, item discounts, buy X get Y, etc.).

Can I provide diners with a physical loyalty card? Can I create a loyalty app for my customers to download?

Customers can access their loyalty accounts from any device via the restaurant’s branded Customer Web App or in-venue via the POS.

Can customers load a dollar value on their loyalty account for use in-store?

Not at this time. However, you can offer customers the ability to load and store value through our TouchBistro Gift Cards solution.

Can I use the information I collect from my customers to send them personalized rewards?

Yes. TouchBistro Loyalty integrates with TouchBistro Marketing so you can use diners’ personal information, visit data, and more to send guests rewards tailored specifically for them.

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