TouchBistro Fast Casual Restaurant POS

Diners turn to your restaurant when they crave convenience and don’t want to skimp on quality. Restaurateurs turn to TouchBistro when they want to streamline operations, boost profit margins, and drive repeat business.

Increase Sales

  • Crush the competition with a loyalty program that turns first-time guests into regulars whether they order in venue or online.

  • Do you want guac with that? Sell more premium toppings and sides with upselling reminders for your team.

  • Reach more hungry locals in their homes and offices with commission-free online ordering.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

  • Let diners confirm their bespoke orders on a customer facing display.

  • Bust lines during the lunch rush with mobile POS software.

  • Help customers skip the queue by ordering ahead online.

Save Time and Money

  • Let patrons customize dishes without slowing down service with predictive quick register buttons.

  • Reduce food waste and theft with inventory management tools built for fast casual restaurants.

  • Keep up your team’s speedy service even if your Internet connection goes down with a fast casual POS system equipped with a built-in offline mode.

Reporting & Analytics for Fast Casual Restaurants

Your diners aren’t the only ones with decisions to make. Fortunately, TouchBistro customers can reach the right business decisions faster thanks to access to 50+ real-time reports, including…

Sales Dashboard

Track daily and weekly sales trends with drill downs by dish, topping, staff performance, and more.


See which payment method – cash, card, or mobile – is most popular with your guests to adjust your business and prices accordingly.

Modifier Preference by Menu Item

Learn which customization options are diner favorites to inform menus, upselling efforts, and promotions.

Product Guide

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Equip Your Business with the Best POS for Fast Casual Restaurants

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Relevant Products That Work Seamlessly With Your Fast Casual POS

All of our products and hardware work seamlessly with our fast casual POS – helping restaurateurs streamline their operations and allowing them to spend less time manually connecting the dots, and more time connecting with guests and growing their business.

Our fast casual POS system is reliable, fast, and easy to use. It comes with all of the features your restaurant team needs to increase profitability, sell more dishes in less time, streamline operations, improve the dining experience, and more.

Stay top of mind and reward customers for both online and in-venue orders with a loyalty program that incentivizes repeat visits. TouchBistro Loyalty helps you stimulate spending with customized spend and item-based loyalty programs.

Give your customers options without giving away your hard-earned revenue. This tool lets diners place takeout and delivery orders from your website, social media channels, and the TouchBistro Dine discovery platform. Our predictable flat fee means you keep 100% of the profits*.

Allow diners to build their meals any way they want – and pay for them any way they want. Our POS-integrated payments solution lets you accept cash, card, and mobile transactions and comes with transparent pricing.

*Payment processing and delivery fees may apply.

Free Restaurant Management Resources

Your team makes balancing quality, value, consistency, and speed look effortless. The TouchBistro Blog has articles, templates, and other resources to help fast casual restaurants pull off that juggling act day-to-day and month-to-month.

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