Fulfill Orders On Time, Every Time with TouchBistro’s Kitchen Display System

TouchBistro Kitchen Display System Powered by Fresh helps you improve kitchen efficiency, decrease ticket times, and eliminate errors.

TouchBistro Kitchen Display System powered by Fresh KDS
Chef in a restaurant kitchen preparing a plated dish

Speed Up Service with Instant, On-Screen Tickets

Orders appear instantly on the KDS screen and are signaled by an optional loud, audible alert so staff never miss a ticket.

A kitchen display system tablet showing digital order tickets.

View Tickets from All Your Ordering Channels in One Place

Eliminate double entry by displaying all orders from your POS and online ordering system in the KDS as different order types on a single screen or on individual screens dedicated to each order type.

TouchBistro Easy to Clear Tickets UI screen

Easy-to-Clear Tickets Allow Staff to Move Quickly

Ensure your entire BOH team is on the same page and eliminate redundancies with the ability to strikethrough individual ticket items and modifiers to quickly clear tickets as you go.

Ticket History View Makes it Fast and Easy to Remedy Mistakes

Easily identify and correct errors with the option to view and recall past orders at any time (without the need to dig through a stack of completed tickets).

Send the Right Order to the Right Station Every Time

Minimize missed orders or long wait times by strategically routing orders to appropriate cook stations (i.e. the grill, fryer, etc.).

Additional KDS Features Include...

Streamline FOH and BOH Communication with a Seamless POS Integration

Orders placed on the TouchBistro POS appear immediately on the KDS screen allowing kitchen staff to start preparing items seconds later.

Offline Mode Ensures Your KDS Continues Working Even Without Internet

Built-in redundancy features ensure that your devices can continue to talk to one another and orders can still be taken, even without internet.

Improve BOH Efficiency with a Customizable Display and Touchscreen Interface

Set up the KDS in a way that works for your team with customizable ticket and font sizes, instinctive drag and swipe controls, and color-coded ticket statuses that can be categorized by order type and change based on time open.

Commercial-Grade Hardware That’s Durable Enough for the Kitchen

Designed to handle heat, spills, and falls, our KDS hardware is tough enough for any restaurant kitchen.

Cross-Screen Communication Keeps BOH Staff on the Same Page

Improve communication, promote collaboration, and streamline order management across your restaurant by syncing multiple KDS screens together to track order bumps and item strikethroughs, or bump orders to the next screen if you use an assembly line production model.

Leverage Reporting and Analytics to Improve BOH Performance

Gain valuable insights that help you monitor and improve BOH performance with a dashboard that provides information on average number of tickets, detailed order information, bump times, and more.

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TouchBistro KDS is currently available to restaurants in Canada (excluding Quebec) and the United States. 

Yes. TouchBistro KDS requires MicroTouch Touchscreens (15.6” or 21.5″) that must be purchased through TouchBistro, installation fees will apply. An optional bump bar and sticky label printers are also available. Speak with a member of our team to learn more.

We are committed to making the setup process smooth and efficient for you which is why we offer customized onboarding. Onboarding includes one-to-one guidance from a TouchBistro Professional Services expert who will walk you through the onboarding process and an Installation Technician who will work directly with you to ensure a seamless hardware setup.

Although TouchBistro KDS can be used wirelessly, doing so may result in connection issues. To ensure the smoothest experience, we recommend using a wired connection to the router.

Our offline mode ensures your KDS will continue working even when your internet is temporarily unavailable.

With TouchBistro KDS you gain access to a dashboard that provides reporting on average number of tickets, detailed order information, bump times, and more.

Free Resources for Optimizing BOH Efficiency

You can find educational content to help you improve kitchen operations, increase BOH productivity, hire the best team, and lots more on the TouchBistro Blog.

See TouchBistro’s Kitchen Display System in Action

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