TouchBistro’s Restaurant Marketing Platform

Put your restaurant marketing on autopilot with a POS-integrated marketing platform that connects your restaurant with your guests and drives repeat visits.

  • Streamline Operations with POS Integration
    Streamline operations with a restaurant marketing platform that works seamlessly with your TouchBistro POS.

  • Show Off Your Brand with Customization Options
    Design eye-catching emails that let your brand shine with drag-and-drop email templates and easy-to-use restaurant marketing tools.

  • Drive Repeat Visits and Revenue with Promotions
    Create enticing promotions that turn first-time guests into regulars and bring lapsed guests back.

  • Keep Your Restaurant Top of Mind
    Send the right message at the right time with targeted restaurant email marketing and in-app message campaigns.

  • Make Informed Marketing Decisions
    Easily track promotion redemptions to figure out what works, and monitor open and click-through rates to find the right message for future restaurant email marketing campaigns.

  • Save Time with Marketing Automation
    Automate your email and in-app messaging campaigns with just a few clicks and keep diners continuously engaged.

  • Increase Guest Engagement with Your Own Web App
    Keep everything in one place with a custom-branded web app that lets guests subscribe to emails, leave feedback, receive messages, view promotions, and more.

  • Deliver a Better Guest Experience with a Powerful CRM Platform
    Take marketing your restaurant to the next level by leveraging a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to create custom diner segments.

  • Amplify Marketing Efforts with the Loyalty Integration
    Integrates with TouchBistro Loyalty so you can bring your customer spend data, marketing campaigns, and insights together for a 360-degree customer engagement solution – all on one platform.

  • Supercharge Every Revenue Stream with the Online Ordering Integration
    Our restaurant marketing platform integrates with TouchBistro Online Ordering so you can easily send targeted promotions to customers that can be redeemed in-venue and online.

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What regions is TouchBistro Marketing available for?

TouchBistro’s restaurant marketing tools are available in Canada (excluding Québec)and the United States.

Can venues transfer data and users from an existing marketing platform?

Venues can upload existing CSV files with customer contact details (email, name, etc.).

Is additional hardware required?

No additional hardware is required to use TouchBistro Marketing.

How do venues collect diners’ contact information?

Venues collect diners’ contact information through the POS or when they sign up for a Customer Web App (CWA) account. Once collected, the information flows directly into the CRM platform.

What sort of information can venues collect from diners?

With TouchBistro Marketing, venues can collect contact information (phone number, email address) and birthday. Visit data (frequency, spend, orders, etc.) can only be collected if a venue also purchases TouchBistro Online Ordering and/or Loyalty.

Do diners need to do anything to gain access to rewards?

Unlike with Loyalty programs, diners do not need to collect points or items in order to redeem rewards. Rewards are sent to diners through promotions and no action is required in order to access them.

Can venues send promotions to specific groups of customers?

If a venue has TouchBistro Marketing only, they can only segment customers based on birthdays. If they want to send promotions to specific groups of customers based on criteria such as spend, they will need to also purchase TouchBistro Loyalty and/or Online Ordering.

How do diners receive promotions, emails, and in-app messages?

Diners need to sign up for a venue’s marketing program via the POS or Customer Web App (CWA).

What are the scheduling options for an automation?

The drop-down allows automations to occur once, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Is there a limit to the number of automations a restaurant can run at once?

No. Restaurants can run as many automations as they’d like with TouchBistro’s restaurant marketing platform.

Can diners leave feedback for both online and in-venue experiences and menu items?

Yes. Diners can leave feedback for in-venue experiences and menu items as well as online experiences and menu items.

How long after their visit does a diner have to submit feedback?

90 days. After 90 days, the visit will expire in the Customer Web App (CWA) and the diner can no longer leave feedback for it.

Resources for Smart Restauranteurs

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