TouchBistro’s Restaurant Tableside Ordering System

Take and place orders tableside at FSRs and bust lines at QSRs with our mobile POS.

  • Increase Revenue with Upselling Features

    Pop-up prompts remind servers to upsell, helping your restaurant maximize every cover.

  • Enhance the Guest Experience by Taking Orders Tableside

    Servers can spend more time with guests and less time at the POS when your restaurant adopts handheld ordering devices.

  • Improve Table Turnover with Faster Ordering

    Your revenue depends on how many guests you serve. With our tableside ordering system, servers can place orders faster, helping turn more tables and make more money every shift.

  • Save Time with Simplified Bill Splitting

    Splitting bills doesn’t have to be a bottleneck at the POS and a headache for your staff. Easily join and split seats, bills, and items in seconds.

  • Intuitive Design Makes the System Easy to Use

    TouchBistro was built with the user in mind. Your team won’t have to spend hours learning how to use it, so they can start taking orders right away.

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Customer Story

How Pekarna Improved Efficiency and Speed of Service with Tableside Ordering

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