A POS Made for Full Service Restaurants

We understand your business: margins are tight, competition is fierce, and service can be stressful. TouchBistro’s all-in-one restaurant management system empowers your staff to turn more tables, serve more efficiently, and sell more high-profit items – while keeping guest experience top of mind.

A server setting the table
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Increase Sales

  • Turn first-time guests into regulars, and regulars into promoters with a loyalty program that rewards diners for ordering in venue and online.

  • Boost average check size with smart upselling tools like visual menus and modifier prompts.

  • Reach more customers – and keep 100% of the profits – by accepting orders directly through your website.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

  • Perfectly pace meals and improve order accuracy with a KDS that seamlessly connects and streamlines FOH to BOH communication.

  • Spend more time with guests and less time at the POS with tableside ordering capabilities.

  • Guests want to split the bill evenly? By seat? No problem!

Save Time and Money

  • Rearrange your floor plan, track table turnover, assign sections, and manage table transfers with ease.

  • Keep tabs on staff performance and activity from anywhere with easy-to-use staff management features.

  • Track food costs, determine menu item profit margins, and know when it’s time to reorder inventory – all from your POS.

Before TouchBistro, we used Profitec POS and dealt with ongoing broken printers, calling in all the time to fix problems, and it was too expensive. We found TouchBistro and figured it was time for something different. I have no computer knowledge, but TouchBistro's install and onboarding made the set-up process easy. The ease of adding and changing menu items has helped us the most. That, and now I don't have to spend hours trying to fix broken hardware. Thanks, TouchBistro!

The Old Bavaria Haus Restaurant

Mira Mendes

With TouchBistro, during our busiest periods we're able to turn over 176 more tables, which equates to at least $2,000 a night, four nights a week. We've also been able to cut our service time by an average of seven minutes per table, which is another $2,000 more per busy night. You do the math. TouchBistro pays for itself!

Crosstown Pub

Jim Nichols

We serve 1,200 patrons per week, per location. We switched to TouchBistro because we really needed a POS that would help speed up service. Now servers can take orders tableside and fire them off to the kitchen quicker, which means we can flip tables faster. Remote access reporting helps me maintain control of multiple locations and employees. I can see best-selling items, low-performing items, and adjust staffing levels based on sales data for holidays, and busy and down times. I always know what's going on.

Numero 28 Pizzeria (Upper West Side)

Gianmarco Di Michele

We used a different system before, but switching over to Touchbistro really helped speed up our service. As a large operation, tableside ordering has really helped our business. We can serve more customers and more importantly, keep them happy!

The Drake Public House

David Atkinson

Skinny’s moved to a larger location and needed a more advanced point of sale to keep up. Our staff fell in love with TouchBistro and continues to embrace how easy it is to use. New menu items are very simple to set up, reporting tells us everything we need to know, and the customer service is excellent. TouchBistro solved all our problems!

Skinny’s Smokehouse

Todd Lindsey

My favourite part of TouchBistro is that I can change pricing and products as needed myself. I love the flexibility of the system.

Ohana Pizzeria

Beth Johnston

I love the ease of making changes to the menu- I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with TouchBistro!

Antler Pizza

Michael Mansfield

Reporting & Analytics for Full Service Restaurants

TouchBistro customers have access to more than 50 detailed reports that provide deep insights and help drive business decisions, including...

Sales Dashboard

See your daily and weekly revenue in real time with drill downs by category, staff member, tender type, and more – all in one place.

Cash Tip Report

Facilitate tip pooling and tipped wage law compliance by seeing how much in cash tips servers reported after shifts.

Table Turns

Discover your average table turnover time, globally or by server, to inform staffing decisions and improve turnover strategies.

Equip Yourself with the POS Made for FSRs

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Relevant Products

All of our products work seamlessly with our POS – helping restaurateurs streamline their operations and allowing them to spend less time manually connecting the dots, and more time connecting with guests and growing their business.

Our POS is easy to use, reliable, and fast. It comes with all of the features your full service restaurant needs to increase profitability, improve guest experience, and streamline operations.

Diners will love being able to pay any way they like: cash, dip, tap, or swipe. You’ll love being able to predict costs with transparent pricing.

Fill tables, reduce no shows, manage capacity, and personalize every guest interaction with this two-in-one reservations and guest management platform. You can even take bookings from your website, social media channels, and Google.

This direct online ordering solution helps your FSR increase takeout and delivery revenue by letting you accept commission-free orders from your restaurant’s website or the discovery platform TouchBistro Dine.

Free Resources for Full Service Restaurants

FSRs are faced with complex challenges like managing capacity and balancing dine-in and delivery. TouchBistro’s Blog is a hub for educational content that can help you tackle whatever comes your way.

Equip Yourself with the POS Made for FSRs

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