TouchBistro’s Nightclub & Bar POS System

Speedy service is critical to your business. Our POS reduces manual processes so you can serve more drinks in less time and focus on delighting guests.

Increase Sales

  • Suggest the right promotions and upgrades at the right time with pop-up modifiers and prompts.

  • Serve more guests in less time with a mobile bar POS system that you can move around your venue.

  • Drive repeat business by encouraging customers to return for more with lucrative promotions and loyalty programs.

  • Reach more customers with an online ordering solution that lets you streamline takeout and delivery orders directly into your bar POS software.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

  • Let guests order rounds throughout the night and settle up payments later with Bar Tabs.

  • Delight customers until last call with fuss-free bill splitting and table transfers.

  • Let guests pay quickly and easily. Accept payments of all types, including swipe, dip, tap, and mobile payments.

  • Barside payments with just a tap save your staff time and make it more convenient for guests to pay.

Save Time and Money

  • Take and close orders with just two taps with our “Fast Bar” register mode.

  • Seamlessly integrate your bar POS software with best-in-class bar inventory solutions.

  • Reduce theft by setting staff permissions and managing exactly who gets access to what.

  • Let customers schedule pickup and delivery orders hours or days in advance with TouchBistro Online Ordering.

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Running more than one location?

Manage them all in one place with TouchBistro’s multi-unit solution.

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POS Features

The core of our restaurant management system and the engine of your operation, our bar and nightclub POS system is equipped with all the features you need to process orders quickly, keep lines moving, and ensure the drinks are always flowing (even when you’re offline).

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Reporting & Analytics

Make informed business decisions faster with more than 50 reports that provide deep insights into sales trends, staff performance, and much more.

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Menu Management

Upsell with ease, manage on- and off-premise menus, and easily build and update menus from anywhere.

Offline Mode

Even if you lose internet connectivity, TouchBistro’s offline mode allows you to continue taking/closing orders, sending orders to the KDS, and taking offline payments.

POS Integrations

Our restaurant POS software integrates with best-in-class technology solutions, making it a truly all-in-one platform for powering your business.

Staff Management

Save time and simplify staff management with custom access permissions, tools for tracking employee activity, and more.

Equip Yourself with a Bar and Club POS That Helps You Move Faster

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Relevant Products

From the bar top to the back office, all of our products work seamlessly with our bar POS system to help restaurateurs streamline their operations. Spend less time manually connecting the dots, and more time connecting with your guests and growing your business with software designed specifically for your venue type.

We made our mobile POS system fast with easy-to-use payment terminals so your bar can focus on serving up hospitality all night long.

With online ordering and delivery, customers feel like they’re at your place even if they’re staying in for the night. Our Online Ordering platform helps you accept takeout and delivery orders on your website and lets you keep 100% of the profits*.

Keep the drinks and revenue flowing with an integrated payments solution that doesn’t stop working even if your Internet does.

Fill your restaurant, manage capacity, and make every guest feel like a VIP with a reservations tool that doubles as a customer relationship management platform.

*Payment processing and delivery fees may apply.

Free Business Resources for Bar and Nightclubs

TouchBistro’s blog is home to educational articles that can help you keep your liquor license, hire the right staff, create the most popular happy hour in town, and more. You’ll discover how to manage your business better – from accounting to inventory and payments, staff scheduling and payroll to takeout and delivery, and whatever else comes your way.

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