TouchBistro’s Restaurant Analytics & Reporting

Your business decisions should be based on data, not a gut feeling. Equipped with more than 50 reports that update in real time, TouchBistro POS gives you unprecedented access to the insights you need to reach the right decisions faster.

  • Increase Sales with Data

    Comprehensive insights on customer behavior and spending patterns help you make informed decisions about how to drive profits – like which drinks to feature at happy hour and which dishes to remove from your dinner menu.

  • Remote Access Makes Running Your Restaurant Easier

    You think about your business even when you’re not on premise. Fortunately, TouchBistro’s cloud-based POS reports can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

  • Upgrade the Guest Experience with Analytics

    Analyze sales trends to optimize your menu and service – like offering the right promotions at the right time – to provide the best guest experience possible and turn casual diners into loyal regulars.

  • Improve Service with Staff Insights

    Detailed reports help you monitor staff performance and inform scheduling, promotions, seasonal hiring, and training decisions.

  • Streamline Operations with Data Sharing

    Automatically email your restaurant’s daily sales reports to key team members. Plus, export options and integrations let you seamlessly share sales data with your bookkeeper and import it into your accounting software.

  • Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business with Intuitive Reporting

    Our reporting platform was designed with ease of use in mind so that you can spend more time analyzing trends and less time figuring out how to pull up reports.

See Why Restaurateurs Love TouchBistro’s Restaurant Data Analytics Software

TouchBistro's remote access to reporting is an essential feature that helps me maintain control of multiple locations and employees, and gives me great insights about my customers. It allows me to see what my best-selling items are, what my low-performing items are, and lets me adjust staffing levels based on sales data for holidays and busy and down times. I always know what's going on.

Numero 28 Pizzeria (Upper West Side)

Gianmarco Di Michele

I like being able to see all reporting right in the POS, including staff time sheets and other information. These reports are great and easy to use – even on the mobile app, which lets me easily manage the day's activities. Setup is easy and upgrades are seamless.

Bolivar Street BBQ

Mim Davis

TouchBistro really shines from a back-of-house perspective as a business owner. Showing our sales was a breeze at year end. We're now using daily and weekly reports to forecast sales and help us grow our business.

Red Lion Smokehouse

Alexandra Bono

Our bookkeeper can now process accurate payroll in minutes using TouchBistro cloud reporting. Before, my brewery was using several different systems (cash register, cc terminal, time clock, inventory reports) to collect the data needed to effectively run a small business. Collating all of this every two weeks ate up too much time in the back office. With TouchBistro, we've been able to reduce our transaction times to mere seconds, and have "one-stop shopping" for all of our necessary data.

Glacier Brewing Company

David Ayers

Learn Even More About Your Business with Integrations

TouchBistro integrates with best-in-class business insights partners to help you unlock even more information about your restaurant.

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Make the Most of Your Reports

The TouchBistro Blog is home to educational resources that help you leverage data found in your restaurant’s reports. Learn how to increase average check size, calculate critical metrics, and more.

See TouchBistro’s Restaurant Analytics & Reporting In Action

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