TouchBistro’s Restaurant Staff Management Software

Your team is the heart of your restaurant. Our built-in staff management software helps you take care of that team by simplifying shift management, streamlining payroll, helping you optimize labor costs, and more.

  • Simplify Staff Management with an Easy-to-Use System

    Your team will love how effortless our POS is to use. Staff can clock in and out in a few taps, while managers can track employee activity from anywhere thanks to the cloud.

  • Optimize Labor Costs with Reports

    Access to real-time data on labor costs, overtime hours, and staff sales performance helps inform money-saving business decisions.

  • Streamline Payroll with Customizable Settings

    Customizable staff types take the headache out of payroll by helping you calculate wages and labor costs. The TouchBistro Cloud stores employee-specific payroll details, simplifying payday and tax season.

  • Increase Security with Individual Staff Logins

    Give each team member their own staff account to share data more safely. Control access and restrict actions – like menu changes and payouts – to specific employees.

Discover Why Restaurateurs Love TouchBistro’s Staff Management Tool

TouchBistro has benefited our business in many ways. We have happier employees, quicker transactions, and a more professional appearance. We have also gained a better understanding of transactions and staffing.

Glacier Brewing Company

David Ayers

When we opened our restaurant last year we started with ShopKeep, but we outgrew it very quickly. We love that TouchBistro allows us to spend way less time on shift reports and payroll. I would recommend other restaurants go with TouchBistro from the start – get the POS designed for restaurants that will help manage your venue, serve your customers faster and better, and decrease staff errors.

Oh My Cod

Nick Orlov

Streamline Your Restaurant’s Staff Management with Best-in-Class Staff Scheduling and Payroll Integrations

TouchBistro integrates with best-in-class payroll and staff scheduling software to power your restaurant’s labor forecasting, team communication, tax withholding, and more.

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Resources for Restaurant Staffing

Costly staff turnover is a major problem for the restaurant industry. The TouchBistro Blog is home to educational content that can help you hire the right people, manage them well, and keep them engaged.

See TouchBistro’s Restaurant Staff Management Solution In Action

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