3 Free HR Templates for Restaurants

Download these three essential restaurant HR templates today.

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What You’ll Get In This HR Templates Pack:

  • Time-Off Request Form HR Template
  • Employee Evaluation Form HR Template
  • Employee Schedule HR Template
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Download these three essential restaurant HR templates today.

When you run a small business like a restaurant, you wear many hats. More often than not, one of these hats is playing the role of human resources manager. We’ve created three free HR templates to help you with the basics of managing HR for your restaurant. Use these fillable templates to build your HR skills and better manage your team.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get when you download these HR forms for small businesses and instructions on how to use them.

Time-Off Request Form HR Template

What it is: Your employees should use this HR document template to formally ask for periods of time (such as certain hours, days, or weeks) off from work.

How to use time-off request forms:

  1. The employee needs to fill out their name and their supervisor’s name at the top of the template.
  2. In the table below, the employee should write their requested time off start date(s), requested time off end date(s), and total days off.
  3. To fill out a reason for their time off, employees should reference the reason code chart, which includes: V for vacation days, F for floater days, PL for personal paid leave, PU for personal unpaid leave, and O for other reasons. 
  4. The employee signs the restaurant HR template and submits it to the person in charge of approving time off.
  5. The approver then places a checkmark next to “Yes” if they approve the employee’s time off, or next to “No” if they can’t approve the time off.
  6. The approver signs the form after they’ve processed the request.

Employee Evaluation Form HR Template

What it is: Managers should use this restaurant HR template to assess an employee’s work performance, highlight strengths, and identify areas for improvement.

How to use employee evaluation HR forms:

  1. The manager should fill out the employee information section with the employee’s name and title, their own name and title, and the date of the employee’s last evaluation.
  2. In the employee performance evaluation section, fill out the table by rating the employee’s performance in the categories of quality of work, consistency of work, technical skills, customer service, communication, teamwork, dependability, attendance, punctuality, and overall performance. The scale ranges from 1 to 5 (1 indicating poor performance, and 5 indicating exceptional performance). 
  3. Use the comment boxes below each category to elaborate on each rating. 
  4. In the goals section of this HR template, write the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Let the employee assess themselves in these categories during their review. 
  5. Fill out the goals box collaboratively with the employee during their review.
  6. Sign off on the form, then let the employee sign off after their performance review.

Employee Schedule HR Template

What it is: This restaurant HR template helps operators plan and manage shift schedules. Employee schedule forms also make it easy for team members to see who is working when.

How to use employee schedule HR templates:

  1. Write the first date of your schedule on the “week of” line.
  2. Fill in the dates for the week in question at the top of the schedule template.
  3. In the first column of the template, write the names of the employees who will be working that week. 
  4. In the row next to each employee’s name, record the start and end times of their shifts for the week.

Taking on HR responsibilities is par for the course when you run a restaurant. Download these three free HR document templates to make scheduling, performance reviews, and time-off requests easier to manage.

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