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Manage your capacity and make every guest feel like a VIP with TouchBistro Reservations.

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You need a booking system that can keep up with the changing needs of your restaurant and guests. TouchBistro Reservations helps you see who’s coming for dinner so you can prepare for whatever comes your way.

  • Maximize Capacity With Multiple Online Booking Touchpoints
    Fill your tables by accepting bookings through your website, various discovery apps, and Google.

  • Manage Guest Expectations with Table Status Tracking
    Our reservations software lets you easily keep an eye on table status so you can manage your restaurant’s capacity and keep waitlist guests happy.

  • Reduce No-Shows with Two-Way Guest Communication
    Two-way SMS and email communication automatically remind guests of upcoming reservations and lets them notify you if plans change so you can make sure every table is booked.

  • Give Every Guest the Star Treatment With Reservation Notes
    Convert first-time guests into lucrative regulars with customized reservation notes for allergies, dining preferences, and special occasions.

  • Streamline Operations with TouchBistro’s POS Integration
    Your front-of-house and back-of-house teams will be in sync when your POS and booking system work together seamlessly.

  • Make Smarter Business Decisions with Advanced Reporting
    Access critical business data in the TouchBistro Dine portal, so you can manage your business from anywhere, at any time.

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Reservations via TouchBistro Dine

Check out what guests see when they make reservations through our discovery platform.

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Is there a limit on how big or small the restaurant must be to use TouchBistro Reservations?

No. Any size restaurant can use our reservation product.

Will I be charged per booking?

No. The only charge you’ll receive is the $229 per month flat fee – this means unlimited booking and no cover fees!

Can guests modify their reservations after they’ve booked?

Yes. TouchBistro Reservations is a complete reservation and guest management platform that allows guests to update their reservations through our mobile and web booking system.

How do guests know if their reservation has been accepted?

Guests will receive a confirmation email as soon as their reservation is placed.

Can certain dates be blocked for online reservations?

Yes. You will have the ability to block days, weeks, or months as required.

Can I add custom notes to reservations?

Yes. You can add custom notes to ensure every guest has the best experience possible!

Can reservations and guests from my existing reservations platform be transferred to TouchBistro Reservations?

Yes. One of our TouchBistro team members will work with you on this during onboarding.

Resources for Smart Restaurateurs

Learn how you can use an online restaurant reservation system to minimize no-shows, manage capacity limits, delight guests, and more with these free resources from the TouchBistro blog.

See TouchBistro Reservations in Action

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