Customer Facing Display

Put Your Patron in the Driver's Seat

You don’t have the time, or the margin, for mistakes in your quick service restaurant, so anything that can reduce errors and improve service is vital.

TouchBistro’s Customer Facing Display is meant to help your counter service staff avoid costly errors by allowing patrons to visually confirm orders.

Customer Facing Display in action

Reduce errors with easy-to-review orders

Menu items, modifiers, and prices are all displayed to patrons as they order so they can visually confirm their order.

Highlight promotions to drive repeat business

Configure the CFD to highlight special offers, promote new menu items, or raise awareness of other info, like your social media profiles.

Extend your brand to the POS

The fully customizable user interface allows you to extend your restaurant’s brand. Choose your colors and images to make your POS fit the venue and not the other way around.

Customer Facing Display
Customer Facing Display


Present detailed order information in real time, including menu items, modifiers, and prices. Customize the interface to your liking.
Choose fonts, colors, and images to extend your restaurant’s design into the POS.
Restaurant owners standing by their Customer Facing Display
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What kind of hardware do I need to run the TouchBistro CFD?
TouchBistro CFD can be run on any iPad that can run iOS 6. This includes the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and the iPad Pro 2015 or newer devices.
How much does the CFD cost?
CFD pricing varies based on your existing TouchBistro POS license. Talk to a Restaurant Success Specialist to learn more.
Can patrons sign on screen via the CFD?
With increased adoption of EMV chip and pin payment, sign on screen is being phased out. As a result, the CFD is not designed to support sign on screen.
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