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Why It’s Important to Have a POS Designed Specifically for Restaurants


Dana Krook

You wouldn’t pay for shoes that don’t fit. Or buy a twin duvet when you have a king size bed. Just as you wouldn’t purchase an ill fitting suit, you shouldn’t buy a retail POS if you’re a restaurant.

A generic POS isn’t any better. As one frustrated POS user, Ryan Swallow remarked in an online forum about POS use, “In my opinion, the most annoying thing about POS software is the fact that those who created it and those who maintain it, have never worked in a restaurant and don’t understand the real world functionality of the software.”

Here are the main benefits of choosing a POS designed specifically for restaurants.

Built For You  

Point of sale systems built for restaurants are created with the specific hospitality user experience top of mind. Often, their staff has worked extensively in hospitality or with hospitality professionals in order to develop their program. This way, common restaurant-specific issues like bill splitting, table management, custom floor plans, and menu changes, are addressed as out-of-the-box features – not special requests that require custom coding, bandaid workarounds, or chaotic integrations with third party extension software.

Industry Specific Features

A restaurant POS is built with front end features specific to food service. Bill-splitting, floorplans, menu organization, and staff permissions, on top of ordering functionality are imperative for a restaurant point of sale.

Specialized Reporting

The need for restaurant-specific analytics is essential. Generic templates for sales reports just won’t do for restaurants who need specialized insight in order to effectively manage inventory, sales, and scheduling. Now, best-in-class restaurant POS systems have put together analytic suites that deliver specific numbers to restaurant owners that drive down food costs, help with scheduling, and overall, provide deeper insight into the inner-workings of a restaurant that would otherwise go overlooked.

When it comes to your restaurant’s POS system, one size does not fit all. Do your restaurant justice and choose an industry specific POS – it’s unique features and industry specific capabilities will help set you restaurant up for success.

Dana is the Content Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, sharing tips for and stories of restaurateurs turning their passion into success. She loves homemade hot sauce, deep fried pickles and finding excuses to consume real maple syrup.

The right POS should help you increase sales.

Ultimate Guide to Picking a POS

The right POS should help you increase sales.

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