Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Analytics & Reporting

Master restaurant analytics to gain powerful insights into your business.

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What You’ll Learn in this Guide to Restaurant Analytics:

  • How to use restaurant analytics data to make informed business decisions
  • Different types of restaurant reports
  • What each report reveals about your business
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Master restaurant analytics to gain powerful insights into your business.

Your costs and sales data are more than numbers – they’re the pulse of your restaurant and a great tool to guide business decisions! While sorting through restaurant data used to be a hassle, now there’s technology that automatically gathers restaurant analytics and turns them into actionable insights.

Your point of sale system (POS) can help you unlock this critical data. When you pay attention to your reporting, you can save thousands of dollars, prevent disasters, and know when a problem needs to be addressed ASAP. Just think of your POS as a crystal ball for business.

This guide to restaurant analytics will teach you tactics for effectively reading your POS data so that you can turn that data into decisions, a better customer experience, and more sales. You’ll learn about different types of reporting, when to use them, and the decisions you can make when you have that data at your fingertips.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get when you download our free Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Analytics & Reporting.

Types of Restaurant Analytics

This guide will give you the scoop on four types of restaurant reports: sales, food and menu, labor, and marketing and customer experience. You’ll learn how to analyze restaurant data and turn it into actionable insights.  

Sales Reports

Restaurant sales data can be divided into two categories: money in (sales) and money out (costs).

Money in reports include any report that details incoming funds (i.e., revenue). Money out reports are cost-based reports such as credit card refund totals, food cost reports, and labor totals: anything that takes money out of the restaurant.

This guide will show you how to use restaurant analytics sales reports to revise your menu, assess staff performance, cut costs, and more. 

Food & Menu Reports

Your food and menu reports will provide details on your bestsellers, worst-selling menu items, modifiers, and food costs. 

These restaurant data analytics can help you decide on seasonal specials, tweak food modifiers, design a holiday prix fixe menu, and even identify theft. Menu reports will also allow you to see your inventory status, so you can minimize waste and encourage restaurant upselling when necessary.

Download the guide to find out how to analyze this restaurant data.

Labor Reports

Labor reports on modern POS systems go beyond the classic staff and shift reports. Analytics about sales by section and server voids, deletes, no sales, and credit card totals can all give you insight into staff activities during a shift.

You’ll learn how to use these reports to assess and improve staff performance, cut costs, and prevent theft.

Marketing & Customer Experience Reports

Restaurant analytics are a treasure trove of information that can help you make decisions that will impact your customers. For example, a sales by section report comparing your dining room to the patio will help you decide where you should schedule more staff – so that your service remains on point.

We’ll explain how you can leverage your POS reports to optimize your floor plan, set customer expectations, and improve the guest experience.

When you use restaurant data analytics to optimize your menu, empower top-performing staff, and map out the future of your business, you’ll be doing everything you can to make sure your restaurant succeeds. In such a competitive industry, data is now necessary to increase sales and lower costs, understand your customer and improve their experience, and ultimately make informed decisions. And if you use a cloud-based POS system through cloud reporting, you can receive real-time insights that you can share with your team to make even more timelier decisions.

Download our free Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Analytics & Reporting to learn how to make the most of your restaurant sales data. 

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