Hardware Requirements

Your venue is unique, so it only makes sense that your TouchBistro setup will be made up of a unique combination of the hardware below. To find out exactly what hardware you need to run the best solution for your restaurant, contact us. We'd be happy to help!

Different types of hardware that TouchBistro provides
What is it?
Apple Hardware
  • Apple tablet that operates as the POS terminal
  • Staff can take it to the table or leave stationary at a counter
  • TouchBistro is compatible with all iPad models, with the exception of the first generation iPad, iPad 2, and the iPad 3rd and 4th generations. However, we strongly suggest always purchasing the latest iPad models for the best experience and longevity of support.

Recommended Models: iPad 9.7” (2018), iPad Mini 4 and 5 (2019), iPad Air (2019)
Supported But Not Compatible with TB Payments: iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” 2nd or 3rd Generation
Not Supported: First generation iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini 1, iPad 3rd/ 4th Generation

Mac mini in space gray color
Apple Mac Mini Computer
  • Acts as the server or “the brain” of the system
  • Stores all of your restaurant’s TouchBistro data
  • Syncs all iPads, so changes on one iPad are made to all the others
  • Multi-iPad solutions require either a Mac Mini or iMac Computer
  • Required for multi-iPad setups
  • Suggested for venues using up to 15 iPads
  • Requires monitor, keyboard, and mouse to operate

Model: 3.6GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i3 processor 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory PCI-E-based SSD Storage (128GB Minimum) (Note: TouchBistro requires a Mac computer with a PCIe-based Flash Storage drive. (Note: TouchBistro is not suitable for use on Mac computers with ATA drives or Fusion drives, regardless of storage capacity.)

Apple TV as hardware requiirement
Apple TV
  • Apple TV is a digital media player that can receive and stream data (ie. video) to a television or display screen.
  • Allows you to display your TouchBistro Digital Menu Board on a television

Model: Apple TV 4K 32GB

Network Devices
AmpliFi HD Mesh Router
AmpliFi HD Mesh Router
  • The AmpliFi™ HD (High Density) Mesh Router provides a secure, local wireless coverage
  • Enables the POS iPads and printers to communicate with each other wirelessly
  • Creates a separate Wi-Fi network for your TouchBistro POS
  • Can be used as a stand-alone router or with other AmpliFi™ for additional wireless coverage

AmpliFi MeshPoint HD
AmpliFi MeshPoint HD
  • AmpliFi™ MeshPoint HD (High Density) pairs with the AmpliFi™ Router to expand the coverage of an AmpliFi™ network
  • Features an adjustable super antenna
  • Add as needed to eliminate dead spots in your venue

Kitchen / Impact Printers
Impact Printer Hardware
Impact Printer
  • The recommended printer for printing kitchen tickets (Impact printers are designed to work in high heat environments)
  • Makes noise to alert kitchen staff of new ticket
  • Prints up to 4-ply paper to create multiple copies of your kitchen tickets
  • Wired to the router via Ethernet cable
  • Impact paper required
  • TouchBistro is not compatible with USB or parallel printers

Star Micronics Impact – SP 700 series

Receipt / Thermal Printers
Thermal Printer Hardware
Thermal Printer
  • Silent Ethernet printer for printing receipts in the front of house
  • Prints receipts from the iPad wirelessly
  • Wired to the router via Ethernet cable
  • Thermal paper required
  • TouchBistro is not compatible with USB (type A/B/C/), serial, and/or parallel printers

Star Micronics: TSP100III series (143IIIL), TSP100 series (113L/143L), TSP650 II. Note: TSP100ECO Thermal Printers are not supported.

Image of 2 thermal printer hardwares
Wireless Thermal Printers
  • Prints receipts from the iPad via the Apple Lightning Cable and Bluetooth connection
  • Silent Ethernet printer for printing receipts in the front of house
  • Thermal paper required

Star Micronics: TSP650IIBI, TSP143IIIBI, TSP143IIIU

Cash Drawer Hardware
Cash Drawer
  • Traditional printer-driven cash drawer
  • Opens at cash-out or on demand wirelessly from the terminal
  • Connected to printer via RJ12 cable
  • Must be a printer-driven model which uses an RJ12 connection
  • Can be used with solo or multi-iPad configuration

Model: MMF Val-u-Line Series, APG models VBS320-BL1915-CC, VP320-BL1616, VP320-BL1416

Cash Drawer Cable
Cash Drawer Cable
  • Connects cash drawer to the receipt printer

Model: RJ12 cable (looks like a phone jack cable), APG cash drawer cable

Ethernet Switch
Ethernet Switch
  • Allows you to connect more Ethernet devices (like printers and EMV pin pads) to the AmpliFi router
  • Can be purchased at almost any electronics/computer store
  • Switches can be used to simplify your wiring from the Amplifi router into a different area of the venue; beneficial when there are multiple printers in one area and the Amplifi router is further away

Ethernet Cable Hardware
Ethernet Cable (CAT5)
  • A network cable used to connect devices within a local area network, for the purposes of file sharing, data transfer and Internet
  • Connects your printers, EMV PIN pads, Mac Mini (server), and additional Airports to your main Amplifi router
  • Need an additional CAT5 Ethernet cable for each printer you have

Keyboard Hardware
  • Traditional keyboard that allows for control and updating of the Mac Mini
  • Must be USB keyboard
  • Only required for multi-iPad setups
  • Required to receive remote support from TouchBistro

Mouse Hardware
  • Traditional computer mouse that allows for scrolling and navigating on computer display
  • Must be USB mouse
  • Only required for multi-iPad setups
  • Required to receive remote support from TouchBistro

Monitor Hardware
  • Display screen allowing you to perform updates, restore backups, etc. on your Mac Mini
  • Must be HDMI compatible
  • Only required for multi-iPad setups
  • Required to receive remote support from TouchBistro

Barcode scanner in required hardware
Barcode Scanner
  • Wireless Bluetooth UPC barcode scanner for use with TouchBistro
  • Scanning barcodes with the mobile scanner can be done from the register, at a table, or in an order screen
  • Full online tutorial documentation for easy training

Models: OS-certified Socket S740, S700 (US & UK), CHS 7Ci, CHS 7Qi

iPad Stands and Enclosures
iPad Stands
  • Case, stand, or enclosure for your iPad
  • Additional protection for your iPad from breakage, spillage, and general wear and tear
  • Safely secures your terminal (iPad) to a counter to prevent theft
  • Stand can be landscape or portrait
  • For merchant processing integration, stands must be compatible with mobile swipers

iPad Straps
iPad Hand Straps
  • Portable, hand-held cases that allow servers to securely bring an iPad to the table
  • For merchant processing integration, straps must be compatible with mobile swipers