Modernizing your restaurant with digital menu boards is a trendy way to successfully capture, engage, and upsell customers.


Digitizing your offerings provides a convenient and affordable alternative to static menus and enhances the overall ambiance of your restaurant. TouchBistro gives you the capability to update, configure, and monitor your menu at your fingertips — change items, descriptions, prices, and specials in a matter of minutes! 


Our digital menu boards for restaurants provide a smoother ordering process for guests. Showcasing your tasty food items, drinks, add-ons, and promotions with eye-catching visuals encourages your guests to make a quick decision and reduces perceived wait times. Customers arrive at the register knowing exactly what they want to order, which streamlines your operations.




TouchBistro Digital Menu Board
$ 20 /MO.

Why Choose TouchBistro for Your Restaurant Menu Board?

The time to go digital is now. Say farewell to cumbersome posters and traditional paper boards that require you to reprint your menu on a monthly or seasonal basis. With TouchBistro, you can update menus yourself — when and wherever you want — for just $20 a month.


Efficient menu management offers you the opportunity to create a more memorable dining experience so you can attract new customers, retain guests, and boost revenue. TouchBistro’s electronic menu offers a flexible medium that can adapt to changes quickly and easily – so you can streamline ordering and maintain a unified brand experience across your business.


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