TouchBistro's Digital Menu Board for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is constantly changing, and so is your business. With this contactless menu, you can update items, descriptions, prices, and specials in a matter of minutes.

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  • Keep Your Menu Up-to-Date with POS Integration
    Any changes you make to menu items in your TouchBistro POS will instantly appear on your restaurant’s digital menu board.

  • Keep Lines Moving with Easy-to-Read Displays
    Easy-to-read menu layouts let you share details that matter to your diners, like ingredients and allergens, and help guests decide what to order before they reach the register.

  • Increase Sales with Appetizing Images
    Tempt diners to spend more by adding high-quality food and drink photos to your restaurant’s digital menu.

  • Modernize Your Display with Minimal Hardware
    Apple TV and additional screens are all TouchBistro POS customers need to get our Digital Menu Board up and running.

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Do I need to purchase a new TV?

No, but we do recommend a TV that is 48” or larger for optimal visibility. You can however use a 40” TV, but it will only be visible from less than 10 feet away. The TV must have an HDMI port.

What hardware do I need?

An Apple TV 4K digital media player, a TV with an HDMI connection and an HDMI cable long enough to connect the two.

Do I need to create my own digital menu templates?

No. Our designers have already crafted 5 templates that we think you’ll love.

Do I need a separate menu for my digital menu board?

Although you can use an existing menu with your digital menu board, we recommend you create a new menu to highlight featured items. Having a menu specifically designed for your digital menu board will also allow you to make changes on a regular basis without affecting your POS menu(s).

Can I change the images on my digital menu board?

Yes. You can upload your own images to the digital menu board.

Make Your Menu Work Harder

From inventory to menu engineering to design inspiration, the TouchBistro blog covers menu management topics to help your restaurant make more and save more money.

See TouchBistro’s Digital Menu Board in Action

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