Restaurant Training Manual Template

Set your staff up for success with this customizable restaurant training manual template.

Restaurant Training Manual Template

What You'll Get With This Restaurant Training Manual Template:

  • A restaurant training manual template for Word or Pages
  • Instructions and tips to help you learn how to write a restaurant training manual plan
  • 7 customizable sections that cover everything from roles and responsibilities, to health and safety

Set your staff up for success with this customizable restaurant training manual template.

Whether you have a staff of 5 or a staff of 50, a restaurant training manual template can help to ensure a smoother onboarding and training process for restaurant employees.

A restaurant training manual serves as a single source of truth for your restaurant policies, procedures, and training. This document not only gives employees an overview of their role, but it helps staff navigate different aspects of their job, such as how they interact with guests and how they use different restaurant technology.

The challenge is, creating a restaurant staff training manual from scratch can be a rather time-consuming process, which is why we’ve created a free training manual template to get you started.

Our free and fully customizable restaurant training manual helps you document everything staff need to know, including expectations, responsibilities, and standard procedures for each role. The template is organized into seven sections, each of which can be filled out to include your restaurant’s history, mission statement, health and safety policies, and more.

When you’re finished filling out the restaurant training manual, you can simply delete the instructional text and save the document. The restaurant training manual is designed for Word and Pages, so you can save and access the document in either program, or even as a PDF. You can also print your restaurant staff training manual as a helpful reference for every member of your team.

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