Brewery Business Plan Template

Customize this brewery business plan template and grow your dream business.

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What’s Inside This Free Brewery Business Plan Template:

  • A customizable brewery business plan template that can be opened with Word or Pages
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide you through the creation of a winning business plan
  • Tips and examples to help you fill in each section – whether you’re writing a plan for a brewpub, microbrewery, or craft brewery

Customize this brewery business plan template and grow your dream business.

If you’re ready to get in on the booming craft beer market, you should start with a brewery business plan template. If you’ve never written a business plan before and are overwhelmed by the process, this free template can guide you through the process. 

Our brewery and microbrewery business plan template is easy to customize and share. You can save the file in the word processing program of your choice – Pages or Word – and then print it or share it digitally with friends, family, and investors.

Download the sample brewery business plan template by filling out the contact form above, or keep reading to learn more about what to expect inside this 21-page document.

What’s a Brewery Business Plan Template?

A brewery business plan template is a customizable document that guides you through writing a winning business plan for beer-related enterprises, like a craft brewery, brew pub, or microbrewery. This kind of template covers topics like an executive summary, marketing plan, operations plan, financial plan, and others.

While this template is intended for breweries, it can also apply to cideries, meaderies, and similar ventures – it’s a multi-purpose craft brewery business plan!

Why Do You Need a Brewery Business Plan Template?

Equipped with a business plan for your brewery, you can secure loans and leases, and attract investors and business partners. Using a template to draft this business plan is helpful for a number of reasons.


This brewery business plan template contains nine exhaustive sections, ensuring you won’t leave out any important parts from this essential document. 

Expediting the Writing Process

To help you fill in each section, our starting a brewery business plan template includes detailed instructions and tips on what to write, which can help you avoid writer’s block and speed up the writing process. 

Made for Breweries

Unlike generic business plan templates, this one was written specifically for breweries. Each section factors in considerations that are unique to this kind of business and so you have a dedicated brewery business plan example to follow.

Because there’s a wide range of businesses that fall under the brewery category, this template is designed for a wide variety of venue types. For instance, you can use the document as a microbrewery business plan template to help you plan a small-scale brewing operation. On the other hand, you can also use this sample brewery business plan for a sprawling craft brewery complete with dining rooms, bottle shops, and more.

What You’ll Find in This Free Brewery Business Plan Template

When you download this 21-page brewery business plan example, you’ll get a customizable word processing document that you can open in Microsoft Word or Pages. We’ve included instructions for how to customize the template and save it as a PDF.

The document begins with a cover page and a table of contents. The bulk of the template is made up of its nine sections, which includes topics like a business overview, marketplace analysis, and more. 

In each section, you’ll find:

  • Headings that you can use as-is or customize
  • An explanation of what each section is for
  • Tips for what to write in each section
  • Suggestions for how much to write
  • Examples relevant to breweries
  • Links to helpful resources, like menu templates, technology suggestions, and more

If you’re ready to bring your brewery dreams to life, this craft brewery business plan template is the best place to start. Fill out the form above to download the template.

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