Uniforms: Stand Out From the Competition with Branded Attire

By Andrea Victory

counter staff wearing branded aprons

You’ve been dreaming of opening your own restaurant for years. You know what’s going to be on the menu, where you’re going to set up shop, and what the place is going to look like – down to the glassware. Speaking of wear, have you considered what get-up your staff will be wearing yet?

For many restaurateurs from the service side of the industry, the word uniform carries with it unpleasant memories: Too-big golf shirts, too-short skirts, silly hats, too-little or too-much flair, and not to mention all that laundry! But uniforms have their place too. They can help solidify your brand, create a feeling of unity, and be a key part of your retail strategy. Trust us, after this article you’ll be excited about the possibilities of required attire for your establishment.

Here are 3 key ways a uniform can help your restaurant stand out from the competition.

1. A Stronger Brand

A uniform creates consistency, puts your brand directly in front of your customers, and helps your staff stand out. For example, if you’re running a busy bar, think about what your customers are looking for – drinks! Which means they need to identify the servers quickly. Outfitting staff in uniforms with your restaurant’s colors or style makes them easy to spot, and reiterates your brand message. A sleek, modern vest at a high-end cocktail bar matches the polished interior and creates visual continuity.

2. Encourage Teamwork

In a workplace environment, where teams work physically demanding jobs and constantly rely on each other, wearing the same thing as peers can create a sense of camaraderie, eliminate fashion competition, and keep the focus on quality service. Donning an apron before stepping behind the counter, onto the service floor, or behind the bar, signifies the transition between personal life and work.

3. Generate Income with Retail

The cooler and more useful your uniform, the more likely customers will want in on the action. Offering your denim barista aprons or your food-trucker hats as an add-on to customers not only provides additional revenue, but having your branded items worn around town is free advertising – win-win!

Uniforms can be cool, fun, and something that your staff are excited to wear. As a restaurant owner, showing off your brand, encouraging your staff to excel as a team, and getting customers in on the action is a no-brainer. Plus, cleaning your uniforms can be easy if you hire a restaurant laundry service.

As a final point, be sure to keep your uniforms tasteful and within the law. Your staff uniform should evoke a feeling of togetherness and teamwork and be something everyone can wear with pride.

Photo of Andrea Victory
by Andrea Victory

Andrea was a Content Marketing Specialist and Editor at TouchBistro where she wrote about restaurant and dining trends, restaurant management, and food culture. A self-affirmed food geek, Andrea devours cookbooks and food blogs. She also knows how to make a killer kale salad.

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