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The Best Restaurant Laundry Service for Your Venue

By Katherine Pendrill

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Creativity can be messy, whether you’re creating cocktails or cuisine. As a restaurateur, you know there’s a lot of laundry involved in running your business – everything from chef coats to aprons to rags. Using a restaurant laundry service is often necessary to stay on top of it all and keep things running smoothly.

You’ve already got a mile-long to-do list, so we’ve done the legwork and found the 10 best restaurant linen services in the U.S. and Canada. In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Why you need a restaurant laundry service
  • Restaurant linen service prices
  • Our top picks for restaurant laundry services

Why Do You Need a Restaurant Laundry Service?

No matter what kind of restaurant you operate, there’s a high volume of laundry in this line of work. If you offer fine dining, you’ve probably got tablecloths to clean. You might even have a dreaded red wine stain to deal with. And if you run a family restaurant, one birthday party is likely enough to warrant washing every napkin you own!

In a fast-paced environment like this, you can’t afford to spend all of your time cleaning restaurant uniforms and linens. Using a commercial laundry service will help you save time on this task so you can focus your efforts elsewhere. Plus, when you use a restaurant linen service, you’ll get a more thorough cleaning. This will keep your uniforms and linens looking sharp – and your staff and guests happy.

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How Much Do Restaurant Laundry and Linen Services Cost?

While the DIY approach to restaurant cleaning will cost you time, the outsourcing approach will cost you money. Luckily, it won’t break the bank.

So, how much is a restaurant laundry and linen service? Some companies’ fees range from $30 for three loads of laundry to $50 for seven loads, while other businesses charge by the pound. Keep in mind that even if restaurant linen service prices are advertised at $1.55 per pound, there may be a minimum charge (for example, $20) for the service. Not all companies list pricing on their websites, and many require you to request a quote.

Pro tip: Just like you provide perks to your loyal customers, many restaurant laundry services offer discounts for recurring business. So, don’t forget to ask about this. The more wash you bring in, the more money you could save.

The Top 10 Restaurant Laundry Services

1. Alsco

With headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, Alsco has been around for over 130 years. It’s operational in more than 180 locations around the globe, including the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It’s safe to say this company knows a thing or two about restaurant laundry service.

Alsco offers environmentally-friendly uniform cleaning services that use fewer chemicals than your standard laundry service. The company tailors its formulas to the fabric of your uniforms and your specific cleaning needs. This helps your uniforms last longer, saving you money.

Another bonus for environmentally-conscious restaurateurs? As part of its laundering process, Alsco filters the wastewater and reuses the cleaned water. This has decreased the company’s water usage by 50% in the past decade alone.

2. White Glove Laundry Service

White Glove Laundry Service operates in New York and New Jersey, and offers commercial laundry service as well as service for hotels and hospitality. The company started in 2008 and now has over 100 clients.

If you want white glove treatment, you’ll get it from this company, which prides itself on customer service. Every one of White Glove Laundry Service’s clients gets their own account rep, and the company also accommodates last-minute laundry requests. Laundry pickup and delivery is free, and your restaurant uniforms and linens are always washed on their own – never with another customer’s.

3. The Folde

Serving the cities of Austin and Houston, Texas, The Folde provides commercial laundry service for small businesses and national franchises alike. The company prides itself on its fresh take on laundry, even offering a pickup and delivery app for tech-savvy customers.

At The Folde, quality of service is key. The business owns all of its laundry facilities instead of using third-party laundromats, and every staff member is employed full-time. The delivery drivers use company vans and insurance, too.

Laundry follows a three-step process at The Folde. When you need to schedule a pickup, log in to your account and choose your laundry preferences. You’ll get personalized laundry bags to use on laundry day, and a reminder from the company the night before and the day of your service. Once your laundry is done, a driver from The Folde will drop it off at your restaurant.

4. Logan Square Laundry Lavanderia

Located in the Windy City? This Chicago-based laundry service offers commercial cleaning of both restaurant uniforms and linens. In business since 2016, Logan Square Laundry uses top-of-the-line equipment and detergents. With industrial-sized machines, the company can handle all of your washing needs.

While Logan Square Laundry offers pickup and delivery, you might want to stop by the laundromat if you have a sweet tooth. The business offers free coffee and cookies for all customers, plus free parking.

5. Wash-LA

Wash-LA operates in both the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The company provides restaurant laundry services to a variety of venue types including delis, bars, cafes, cafeterias, casual and fine dining restaurants, caterers, country clubs, and pizza shops. Wash-LA cleans everything from table linens and napkins, to chef uniforms and aprons, to bar towels and more. 

The business prides itself on great service at an affordable price. With two laundry facilities under its ownership, Wash-LA never outsources your laundry. Customers can choose from personalized wash, dry, and fold services with free pickup and delivery every day of the week.

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6. Quick & Clean Laundry Centre

This family business based in Toronto, Ontario has been around for nearly 50 years. Quality products and customer service are at the heart of the operation. Quick & Clean Laundry stands behind its expertise in handling, cleaning, and packaging linens for restaurants, clubs, and event venues. Because its plant is not fully automated, staff are highly involved in service delivery.

As part of its restaurant laundry service, Quick & Clean keeps your linens separate from all other customers’ during the entire process. The company offers pickup and delivery, as well as same-day and emergency service.

7. CleanBlink

Serving Manhattan and Brooklyn, CleanBlink offers per-pound commercial laundry service for restaurants. The company’s restaurant laundry service is customizable, with daily and weekly options, plus free pickup and delivery.

CleanBlink is proud to offer customers both a 24-hour turnaround time on its service as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can even choose the kind of detergent and wash temperature you want used on your laundry.

8. Bolt Laundry

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Bolt Laundry offers quick, dependable, and affordable commercial laundry services. The company can handle anything from 30 to 30,000 pounds of laundry (that’s a lot of tablecloths!).

Bolt Laundry also puts quality first. The company’s employees have experience dealing with heavy stains, so they won’t bat an eye at oil or red wine and your restaurant linens will come out of the wash looking as good as new.

9. WashOut Laundry

WashOut Laundry operates everywhere from Whistler, B.C. to Vancouver, to Kelowna, and in between. The company offers commercial laundry service for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses with high-volume needs.

With environmentally-friendly detergents and energy-efficient processing, WashOut Laundry is a favorite among restaurateurs who want to protect the planet. Thanks to the company’s fast turnaround, you’ll only ever need to wait until the next day for your laundry service, as this is standard practice. And with customized package options, you’ll be able to find a service that fits your needs.

10. Laundry Service

This North American company works with restaurant laundry service locations across the U.S. and Canada. Laundry Service can help you find a commercial laundry company that handles both restaurant linens and uniforms, so your space and your staff are always looking their best.

Here’s how it works: use Laundry Service’s online search tool to find a commercial laundry service in your local area at the best price. The company’s partners can wash everything from napkins and tablecloths to bar towels and aprons, to chef uniforms.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist
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We’ve now covered why you need a restaurant laundry service and answered the question, “How much is a restaurant laundry and linen service?” Plus, you’ve got our top 10 picks for commercial laundry companies in the U.S. and Canada. So, you can stop scrubbing that stain and rest assured that your laundry will get done right. Maybe even sit back and relax – as a busy restaurateur, you’ve earned it!

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