101 Top Restaurant Slogans and Tagline Ideas

By Debra Weinryb

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Are you trying to think of restaurant slogans and tagline ideas for your restaurant? 

Then look no further! 

In this article, we’ll show you examples of catchy restaurant slogans and taglines for many different restaurant types – from fast food to fine dining, and more. These examples are packed with restaurant slogan ideas that you can use to help your venue attract new guests, and make them remember what’s unique about your specific restaurant!

At the end, we conclude with tips on how to create your own restaurant slogan, including best practices for keeping your tagline short and simple, and ensuring it matches your brand voice. 

Ready to get started? Below are a list of catchy restaurant slogans and taglines:

Creative Restaurant Slogans

  • Where every flavor tells a story.
  • For the love of delicious food.
  • Sensory indulgence unlocked.
  • Your culinary adventure awaits.
  • Low cost. High quality.
  • We are always here to serve you.
  • Life is short, make it sweet.
  • A taste you’ll remember.
  • Life is dull without good food.
  • Get the best or nothing at all.

Funny Restaurant Slogans

  • Your belly knows best.
  • Chicken dinner is a winner.
  • We’re hot and spicy… literally!
  • Grab life by the fork.
  • Eat outside the box.
  • Eat a lot today (and again tomorrow).
  • Burgers! Because no great story started with salad.
  • Santa, all I want is pizza.
  • Meat you here!
  • Your hunger’s at steak!

Catchy Restaurant Slogans

  • Flavors for royalty.
  • Bringing class to cuisine.
  • Foodies welcome here.
  • Something hot. Something tasty.
  • Good food. Good mood.
  • You’re in good hands with us.
  • Hundreds of flavors under one roof.
  • Food that makes you say wow.
  • A pinch of passion in every dish.
  • You can’t eat here just once.

Fast Food Restaurant Slogans

  • Once you try it, you will love it.
  • Fun. Fast. Tasty. Delicious.
  • Food that makes you happy.
  • Wake up your taste buds.
  • Fulfill your comfort food cravings.
  • Feel the joy of mouthwatering food.
  • Food to put you in a good mood.
  • Quick eats for busy people.
  • Fast and yummy. Good for your tummy.
  • Taste that makes you go yummmmm.

Healthy Restaurant Taglines

  • Real. Fresh. Food.
  • Healthy and modern.
  • From farm to plate.
  • Directly from mother earth.
  • Eat natural – eat organic.
  • Choose healthy. Be strong. Live long.
  • We’re fresher! We’re tastier!
  • Living the green life.
  • Food that’s good for your heart.
  • Health is wealth. Eat good.

Fine Dining Slogan Ideas

  • Rain or shine, it’s a fine time to dine.
  • It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life.
  • A genuine fine-dining experience awaits.
  • Come for a drink, stay for a meal.
  • Great food and great company.
  • Nothing brings people together like good food.
  • Love well. Sleep well. Dine well.
  • Food that tells a story.
  • Creativity is always on our menu.
  • Flavors inspired by the seasons.

Mexican Restaurant Slogans

  • You can never have too many tacos.
  • Experience a taste of Mexico.
  • We’re here to spice things up.
  • Nacho average Mexican restaurant!
  • Next level Mexican food and warm hospitality. 
  • Modern Mexican cuisine made with local ingredients.
  • Tacos are life. They give us strength.
  • From our casa to yours.
  • Like your Abuela used to make.
  • We believe every day is Taco Tuesday!

Italian Restaurant Taglines

  • A taste of Italy.
  • Just like Nonna’s pasta.
  • Fresh pasta, served daily.
  • Italian pizza is for lovers.
  • Buon appetito!
  • Mozzarella is our preferred vegetable.
  • Fresh pasta always.
  • Come join our Italian family!
  • The home of pasta, pizza, and pastries!
  • Homestyle Italian cooking – best enjoyed with family.

Sushi Restaurant Slogans

  • Roll with us.
  • Your sushi heaven.
  • Sustainably caught fish served fresh.
  • Sushi is the answer.
  • You make miso happy.
  • Soy in love with our sushi.
  • From the sea to the table.
  • Rice to meet you.
  • Where sushi lovers rejoice.
  • Classic. Real. Japanese sushi.

Famous Restaurant Slogans

  • KFC – It’s finger lickin’ good.
  • McDonald’s – I’m loving it.
  • Subway – Eat fresh. 
  • Fridays – In here, It’s always Friday.
  • Pizza Hut – No one outpizzas the hut.
  • Wendy’s – You know when it’s real
  • Applebee’s – Eating good in the neighborhood. 
  • Arby’s – We have the meats.
  • Burger King – Be your way.
  • Hardee’s – Feed your happy.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – American Runs on Dunkin’.
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How to Create a Great Restaurant Slogan

Now that you have 101 restaurant slogans and tagline examples, it’s time to start making your own! Here are a few tips for figuring out what type of slogan you should make: 

1. Keep Your Tagline Short and Simple

Your slogan should be concise, catchy, and easy to understand. Ideally, it shouldn’t be longer than a sentence, with an ideal length being around five to eight words total. 

Take this advice, and try to make your own slogans for restaurants short and sweet. You can ask friends, family, and even customers, for their advice on whether the lines you create are memorable or not.

2. Make Sure It Matches Your Brand

Slogans for restaurants should typically match your brand voice and aesthetic, and align well with your mission statement. For example, if your restaurant branding communicates that your business values customer service, you could make slogans or restaurant taglines with a guarantee for quality and satisfaction.

You can also include key benefits of eating at your restaurant, like mentioning the sustainably caught fish you serve. Since sustainable fish is exposed to fewer chemicals than other fish, this lets the public know that you run a restaurant that values health.

A slogan can also include restaurant names to increase brand recognition. For example, McDonald’s previous famous slogans include “My Mcdonald’s”, “Did somebody say McDonald’s?”, and “There’s a little McDonald’s in everyone”.

Coming up with restaurant slogan ideas is definitely a challenge, but it can also be really fun! Try brainstorming what makes your restaurant marketing ideas different from your competitors. Perhaps it’s your unique menu, or maybe it’s your welcoming atmosphere that sets you apart. 

Since a slogan or tagline is typically the first impression for your guests, make sure it lasts in the minds of your customers and stays true to your restaurant’s mission. Be honest, and play with rhyming and puns to increase recognizability.

Most importantly, stay honest with yourself by finding a genuine way to highlight your restaurant’s value.

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by Debra Weinryb

Debra was a Content Marketing Specialist at TouchBistro, writing about the latest food and restaurant industry trends. In her spare time, Debra enjoys baking and eating together with family and friends.

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