The Ultimate Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

Customize this free restaurant employee handbook template for your business’ needs.

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What You’ll Get with This Restaurant Employee Handbook Template:

  • A customizable template for your restaurant employee handbook – free download!
  • Instructions and tips to help you fill it out
  • 11 editable sections including employee compensation, code of conduct, and benefits

Customize this free restaurant employee handbook template for your business’ needs.

An employee handbook is a valuable onboarding tool that helps set expectations and introduces new hires to your company culture. However, studies have found that 53% of Millennials haven’t actually read their handbooks – yikes! Fortunately, our free restaurant employee handbook template is designed to help you create an employee handbook your team will actually want to read. 

Download our free restaurant employee handbook template today to get started. Need more context? Keep reading to learn what this template is all about, why you need one, and how to use it.

What Is a Restaurant Employee Handbook Template?

A restaurant employee handbook template is a template that will help you create a comprehensive employee handbook that centralizes your restaurant’s policies, guidelines, and processes. It also gives you space to touch on team culture so you can give your employees a sense of your restaurant’s mission and what makes it unique.

Because no two restaurants are the same, you can fully customize the information in this template to fit your unique needs. Just keep in mind that this is not a final product or compliant document, but rather a template to get you started – it’s restaurant employee handbooks made easy.

Why Do You Need a Restaurant Employee Handbook Template?

Using a template to create your employee handbook for restaurants can save you time. Why create a restaurant handbook from scratch when you can work from a solid foundation?

In addition to saving you time, a template can also ensure you don’t accidentally leave crucial sections out of your handbook. For example, this template covers topics like alcohol and drug use in the workplace, how to report workplace injuries, and accommodations for persons with disabilities – important sections that every restaurant handbook should cover.

Finally, because our template comes with prompts and examples, it can help you write an engaging guide that employees will read and reference time and again.

What You’ll Get With This Employee Handbook Template

Our free restaurant employee handbook template comes with 11 customizable sections, including:

  • The title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Mission statement and core values
  • Code of conduct and workplace behavior
  • Procedures and emergencies
  • Employee compensation and benefits
  • Employment policies
  • Anti-harassment and complaint procedure
  • Restaurant system FAQs
  • Conclusion

Each section of the sample restaurant employee handbook also comes with detailed prompts and instructions to help you fill them out.

For example, the code of conduct and workplace behavior section has prompts for your employee dress code, drug policy, cell phone policy, and more. Similarly, the procedures and emergencies section features expectations for your shift scheduling process, attendance expectations, timekeeping procedures, and more.

How to Use This Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

Ready to get started?  Follow these simple steps to start using this restaurant employee handbook template:

  1. Fill out your contact information in the form above and click “Submit.”
  2. Click the “Download” button on the next page to save the business plan document to your device.
  3. Open the PDF.
  4. Read the instructions for the overall document on page 2.
  5. Then, go to a section you want to customize.
  6. Read the section instructions in red italics.
  7. Highlight the red italics and replace them with custom content.
  8. Once you’ve completed each section, delete any remaining red text, as well as the cover page and this instructional page.
  9. To print your template, click “File”, then “Print.”

Create an engaging, effective employee handbook by downloading this free template today.

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