The Ultimate Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

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What You'll Get With Our Free Restaurant Employee Handbook Template:

  • A fully customizable template for your restaurant employee handbook
  • Detailed instructions for filling out each section of the handbook
  • Valuable tips and examples of what to include

Smoother employee onboarding starts with a great restaurant employee handbook.

If your current handbook is a little out of date, our free restaurant employee handbook template can help you start fresh.

A restaurant employee handbook is a valuable onboarding tool that helps set expectations and introduces new hires to your company culture.

However, studies have found that nearly 50% of Millennials haven’t actually read their employee handbooks – yikes!

That’s because most restaurant employee handbooks are outdated, complicated, or just plain boring to read. And when staff pass on reading your handbook, they won’t know what’s expected of them or what they can expect from you as their employer.

Our free restaurant employee handbook template is designed to help you create an employee handbook your team will actually want to read. It identifies all the key sections to include and provides detailed instructions for filling out each section. The template is fully customizable, so you can easily save or print the document when you’re done.

With our free restaurant employee handbook template, you can start creating a custom handbook that’s just as unique as your restaurant. Just keep in mind that this is not a final product or compliant document, but rather a template to get you started – it’s restaurant employee handbooks made easy.

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