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By Alex Fainblum

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Yep, your calendar is right: it’s 2018. Whether it was your restaurant’s first year or its thirtieth: congratulations on another year of business! We hope you delivered on your vision, felt fulfilled, and achieved some of your most lofty goals this year.

Just as it’s important to look ahead to your 2018 goals, you’ll want to look back on 2017 to pinpoint what you’ll start, continue, and stop doing as a business. To help you do this, we’re highlighting our most popular articles of the year – the content other restaurant owners really wanted to read – so you can be even more successful in 2018.  

1. The 4 Financial Spreadsheets Your Restaurant Needs 

Your restaurant is packed every night with happy and hungry customers – but you’re still not meeting your financial targets. Can’t figure out why? Your answer is in the numbers. This article has everything you need to keep track of your finances, including fully loaded financial spreadsheets ready to receive your own restaurant’s numbers. 

2. 6 Ways to Lose Your Liquor License

Losing your liquor license is probably one of your biggest nightmares, and it turns out it’s pretty easy to do. We tell you how to avoid the six most common mistakes that would cause you to lose your license, and we cover off some of the most important laws per state. 

3. How Diners Choose Restaurants [Restaurant Insights Report]

Did you know that 70% of restaurant goers would go back to a restaurant with bad customer service if the food was good? We surveyed 521 American participants of varying ages, life stages, and geographies to find out what’s getting them in and out of restaurant doors. Read the article and the report to get loads of info on which factors influence diners to choose one restaurant over another. 

4. A Complete Guide to Restaurant Profit & Loss Statements

Haven’t checked your profit and loss statement in over a week? You’re missing out way more than it’s missing you! This article tells you everything you need to know about your P&L statement, including what it tracks, how to read it properly, and a template that’s ready for you to fill out with your own numbers.  

5. The 100 Most Unique Restaurant Concepts Around the World

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a future project, want to give your restaurant a makeover, or you’re just in the mood to look at some creative concepts, this piece is a must read for every restaurateur who likes to think outside the box.

6. Market Research for Restaurants 101

In a competitive landscape that’s home to more than 600,000 restaurants in the U.S. alone, how is any new restaurant to stand out? Enter market research. In this article, we tell you about different types of market research and how to conduct it, including links to useful tools that will make the whole process a lot easier.

7. TouchBistro Restaurant Pre-Opening Checklist 

Looking to open a new restaurant this year? Look no further, because this free restaurant pre-opening checklist will tell you exactly what you need to get started on the right foot, including a pre-construction checklist, what you need to staff your restaurant, and a lot more. 

8. How to Stay On Top of Food Trends

Every year, trends are changing. Here are the top tips for staying informed of the hottest trends – and when it’s time to capitalize on them.

9. Beating the Odds

Restaurants open and close everyday, so how do you beat the odds and survive in such a competitive industry? We break it down.

10. How to Calculate Your Cost of Goods Sold

Your food and beverage are your restaurant’s money makers, so you need to know at all times whether you’re pricing and controlling your inventory properly. The Cost of Goods Sold formula helps you manage and maximize the profit you earn from your goods, and we’ve listed everything you need to know to make sure you’re calculating it properly.  

Keep checking back throughout the year for more articles on how to run a successful and thriving restaurant that will stand the test of time. 

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by Alex Fainblum

Alex is a Marketing Coordinator at TouchBistro where she writes about food and restaurant dining experiences. She’s a lover of all things chocolate covered but her true passion lies in late-night eating.

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