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Top 10 Restaurant Memes for Servers


Jackie Prange

Restaurant memes: they may be what gets you through a week of working in a restaurant. Whether you work with the kitchen, serve “interesting” customers, or need some good cooking memes to share with your chef friends, there are memes for pretty much everything you have to deal with in your restaurant. 

So go forth and take a break. Be entertained for just a minute – until you have to go back to it all.

1. When You Get Cut Off

“Well good afternoon to you, too, sir!”

server meme about being cut off by customers, reads "hello folks how are you doing tonigh-" "water"

2. When You’re Salivating Tableside

It’s okay though, because you’ll be eating this leaning over the bread station soon enough. 

server meme making a hungry face when they serve something delicious to a table

3. When They Pretend They Didn’t Like the Food

“Your plate is suspiciously empty…”

Maury Pauvich server meme determining it was a lie that a customer who ate 90% of meal didn't like it

4. When Adults Skim the Kid’s Menu

Maybe they’re just tall for their age?

server meme about how the kid's menu is for kids

5. When There’s Free Food in the Kitchen

Be careful not to get trampled!

sparta server meme every man for himself

6. When You’re Dealing With a Pen Thief

That person will rue the day they dared to steal your only pen.

liam neeson taken "i will find you" for your pen meme

7. When Chef Isn’t Super Impressed with the Kitchen’s Work

This is when you back away. Slowly. 

gordon ramsay server meme saying the lamb is so undercooked it's following mary to school

8. When It’s Your First Day at a New Restaurant

You just want someone to hold you and tell you it’s going to be okay. 

golden retriever trying to cook but he has no idea what he's doing meme

9. When You Open the Doors to The Kitchen

Okay, I’ll just be making a pit stop to the ice box, thanks!

Server meme saying it's so hot in the kitchen that 2 hobbits threw a ring into the fryer

10. When They Ask for the Manager

You would be honored to fulfill that request.

unhappy server meme about getting the manager

Jackie was a Content Marketing Specialist and Social Media strategist at TouchBistro before moving into business development role. She covered the latest food, dining, and technology trends for the restaurant industry. A lover of all things coffee, Jackie’s hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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