The Ultimate Guide to Food Truck Marketing

Learn how to build an effective food truck marketing strategy.

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What You’ll Get In This Guide to Food Truck Marketing:

  • Branding ideas for your food truck business
  • Digital marketing tips
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • List of apps to use to promote your food truck
  • Traditional marketing methods to spread the word
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Learn how to build an effective food truck marketing strategy.

You didn’t make a food truck to drive in circles with it. You’ve perfected dishes that travel with you, and now you need to let the crowds know you’re there! With the right food truck marketing strategy, your mobile restaurant can become the hot spot for lunch crowds and a go-to for catering.

Our Ultimate Guide to Food Truck Marketing contains actionable advice that can help you reach more of the right customers. Enjoy this preview of what’s inside, then download our free food truck marketing plan PDF today.

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A comprehensive food truck marketing plan consists of a multi-pronged approach that includes branding, digital marketing, social media, mobile apps, and traditional marketing.

Food Truck Branding

Branding gives your business an identity beyond the food it serves, which is why it should be the foundation for starting a food truck business and for creating a solid marketing plan for your food truck. Begin by getting to know your brand as if it were a person: who are you?

To get to know your restaurant, ask and answer these questions:

  • What are your core values? Are you homegrown, humble, and healthy? Or deep-fried, rowdy, and risky?
  • What do you want to be known for? Great service, creative presentation, or a specialty dish?
  • Who are you up against? Know thy competition to know thyself!
  • And most importantly, who would enjoy your company? Identify your ideal customer.

Our food truck marketing guide will show you how to develop your brand’s personality and embrace your differentiators to stand out.

Digital Marketing for Food Trucks

Fifty-one percent of people turn to the internet when they’re looking for a place to eat and 31% rely on search engines to get them there. That’s a huge audience, which means your digital presence must be optimized for search engines.

This guide suggests tools you should use to keep your website up to date and serving customers the information they’re looking for. It also includes an in-depth look at how to get started with and improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Finally, you’ll get advice for promoting your food truck via Google My Business.

Social Media Marketing for Food Trucks

Social media is extremely important for food trucks, because you need an accessible way to let your customers know where you are and where you’ll be. When you use social media, your customers will know where to go to find out where you are in real time, and can get status updates from you.

Some food trucks choose to build a following on either Instagram or Twitter – two platforms that work really well to get real-time information to customers. Some are even experimenting with TikTok to grow an engaged audience.

Our food truck marketing guide gives you easy-to-implement tips for using social media to inform and engage customers.

Food Truck Mobile Apps

Ninety-eight percent of Gen Zers, 90% of Millennials, and 60% of baby boomers own smartphones so naturally, they’re using this technology to simplify decision making.

Getting on board with the latest in mobile app technology keeps your food truck in your customers’ back pockets. If you’re not searchable on a commonly used app, then you’ve immediately lost prospective business. While every app follows the beat of its own drum, mobile apps bring the most highly-qualified prospects to you: the hungry and the close-by.

This guide shares several of the most popular apps food trucks can use to broadcast their locations with keen customers.

Traditional Marketing Strategies for Food Trucks

While digital is the way of the future, there is something refreshing about good old-fashioned boots-on-the-ground marketing. Traditional marketing has gone from being the only way to market your food truck, to something that resembles chivalry. For prospective customers, old-school marketing often feels above and beyond.

You’ll find several traditional marketing tactics you can implement at your business in the Ultimate Guide to Food Truck Marketing.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Food Truck Marketing

While foodies have always faced the dilemma of choice, there have simply never been so many ways to discover new food options. Your job is to tell people what your food truck has to offer in a way that both engages consumers in the moment and keeps you top of mind in the future.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Food Truck Marketing PDF for free today to get all of the practical advice we promised above and build your food truck marketing plan.

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