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Your Guide to Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Understand how credit processing works to get a better handle of your business.

Your Guide to Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Credit Card Processing

  • Payment types and card types
  • How processing rates are determined for restaurants
  • Security standards (PCI Compliance, EMV, Tokenization)

Confused by credit card processing at your restaurant?

Credit card processing is one of the most confusing and complicated parts of owning a restaurant. There are multiple parties involved in every transaction. A long list of fees on every monthly statement. Different rates for different cards and payment types... The list goes on.

But understanding and managing these transactions is one of the most important aspects of your business – and it's only getting more important.

According to a recent survey by 451 Research cash use for certain demographics like Gen X dropped 64% in 2020, after the public health crisis began. That means more and more of your customers are using credit cards and debit cards to pay for the check.


These types of payments are fast, convenient, and often contactless, making them the safest way to process payments at your restaurant – for both the customer and your staff. So now is the time to get a handle on how these payments work, so you can use that knowledge to make your business more efficient and secure.

In this guide, we'll walk through the basics of restaurant credit card processing, including important terminology to help you talk to processors, how processing rates are determined, security standards you need to know about, and more.

*451 Research Source:

Download the Restaurant Credit Card Processing Guide