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The 25 Most Unique Food Trucks in Austin

By Alex Fainblum

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Austin is home to the fastest-growing food truck scene in the U.S. The best food truck owners in Austin are thriving within a scene supported by great weather, an established food culture, and a laid back attitude. 

Eric Silverstein, owner of one of Austin’s best food trucks, The Peached Tortilla, says, “The food trailer scene has now morphed into a food truck scene,” Eric says.  “It’s pretty vibrant. The heat doesn’t bother people in Austin, and people enjoy eating on benches outside. It’s a very casual city, it’s not stuffy.”

If you’re looking to sample the best food trucks in the U.S. or just want to scope out your competition, you definitely need to roll on over to Austin. You’ll find food trucks scattered throughout the city, driving solo or in big clusters at local food truck parks. 

If you’re a food truck owner who loves to learn from others and wants to feel part of a community, you should definitely claim a spot at one of Austin’s awesome food truck parks. But, if you would rather choose where to park and when, you may prefer riding solo. 

To help out with your decision, we’ve listed the best food truck parks and the best stand-alone food trucks in Austin. 

Austin Food Truck Parks 

1. The Midway 

Head over to this food truck park in West Austin, where you’ll find five food trucks that offer no shortage of culinary options: Dock & Roll, Revolution Vegan Kitchen, Beirut Lebanese Food, Taconmaye, and the Cheesecake Experience call this park their home. Set up next to a live entertainment stage, these food trucks are perfect for any group looking to kick back, eat, and jam out. 

2. The Picnic 

Don’t be deceived by its name: this food truck park is much bigger than your typical picnic. Located in the heart of Austin, The Picnic is home to some of Austin’s most notable and delicious food trucks that’ll feed your biggest crowd. Your only requirement is to show up with one big and hungry crowd! 

Outdoor picnic benches under some shelter by a food truck
Photo creditAustin Chronicle 

3. Spider House Food Trailers and Village 

Spider House Food Trailers and Village may not have spiders crawling down its slides, but rumor has it that it is haunted. If you can fight through your fears, you’ll get the chance to explore some of Spider House’s best food truck vendors. Remember, with big risk comes big (and tasty) reward. 

4. Mueller Trailer Eats

Can’t decide on sweet or savory? You can have them both at this Austin food truck park. Check out Booty Loco’s for their original Tinga dish or dive into Gravy ATX’s fresh breakfast biscuits – the options are deliciously endless. 

5. South Austin Thicket Food Park 

Not your typical food park, Thicket really is more of an eat retreat. Vendors can grow organic herbs and other fresh ingredients in the park’s local garden, while diners can enjoy live events at the outdoor stage or take a yoga class to recover from their food coma.

Austin Food Trucks 

1. The Peached Tortilla 

You’ll be feeling more than peachy after visiting this Southern-Asian fusion food truck! Known for their tasty tacos and delicious sliders, The Peached Tortilla is an Austin favorite. 

2. Hey Cupcake! 

As one of the first trailers to hit the Austin streets, Hey Cupcake! definitely knows how to sugarcoat their offering. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this truck is the place for you – just try not to take a bite out of the giant floating cupcake! 

Hey cupcake food truck
Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Be More Pacific 

This Austin food truck combines U.S. comfort food with Filipino flavors that have Austinites constantly coming back for more. Try their sweet garlic fried rice, or go savory and taste their bacon fried rice. Can’t decide which you’re craving more? Try the Tosilog, the perfect combination that’ll satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings. If you love your meals from wheels, you’ll need to grab this one fast – they’ll be moving to a brick and mortar space soon! 

4. Juice Austin 

Juice Austin offers a variety of healthy options, including vegan salads, vegetarian dishes, smoothies, and feel-good shots. We hear this truck is berry popular, so make sure you stop by to get healthy and feel refreshed.

5. My Granny’s Kitchen 

Bringing your grandma’s kitchen to a street near you, this food truck’s purpose is to provide Austinities with nutritious food that’s both affordable and convenient. Because after all, grandmas really do want what’s best for you!

6.  Parisian Crepes

This food truck will satisfy all your sweet or savory cravings in the form of a delicious crepe. Book them for an event or find them on the streets. With sparkling lights surrounding the truck, this one will be hard to miss and definitely worth the visit.

7. Garbo’s Lobster

Doing double duty as both a brick and mortar restaurant and a popular food truck, Garbo’s Lobster adds some Austin flavors to traditional New England cuisine. Their small but mighty menu serves up the best lobster rolls in the city – but you can probably already tell by the look of their truck! 

Garbos fresh maine lobster food truck
Photo creditCommunity Impact

8. The Best Wurst

They’re tasty, hot, and always ready-to-go – sausage sandwiches from The Best Wurst are perfect for anyone craving a meaty meal. With over twenty years’ experience, this food truck really does serve the best wurst you’ll ever have.

9. Churro Co.

This Insta-famous food truck is definitely not just a one hit wonder. Austinites love loading up their favorite churros with Churro Co.’s sweet toppings like whipped cream, roasted s’mores, vanilla ice cream, and fresh fruit.

10. Dee Dee

Also referred to as  “good good”, Dee Dee should really be translated to “great great”.  Bringing authentic Thai street food from the heart of Thailand’s countryside to the stomachs of Austinites, customers are able to experience international flavors through dishes like their special moo ping, tofu stir fry, and their pad kapow. 

11. Kebabalicious

This food truck really is a vegetarian and a meat lover’s dream that will have everyone leaving as stuffed as its plates. But before you check it out, we gotta ask – how spicy do you like your kebab? 

12. Paperboy

Don’t be alarmed, no trees were harmed in the making of your breakfast! This Austin food truck is a must add to your morning itinerary. Try their classic B.E.C (bacon, egg, cheese) or grab their southern Texas hash. This really does sound, and taste, like the perfect way to start the day. 

Patio seating in front of a food truck
Photo creditZagat 

13. Tommy Want Wingy

Tommy Want Wingy and so do we! Austin’s best food truck for your chicken wing cravings can cater to pretty much any flavor you have in mind. Served with curly fries on the side, the wing’s lollipop shape makes for the perfect grab-and-go dish. And don’t worry about cutting your late-night plans short to indulge – this truck is open to the wee hours of the morning.

14. Via 313 

Austinites love this cheesy food truck that brings Detroit-style pizza to the south. You can find savory toppings like lobster, meatballs, and eggs, or satisfy your sweet tooth by taking a bite out of the new French toast pizza. We think it’s safe to say you’ll never try a pizza like Via 313’s.

15. Acai Hut 

Everything tastes better when eaten out of a bowl! This Austin food truck blends different ingredients together to create fresh and delicious acai bowls. If you’re craving an alternative to this tasty dish, Acai Hut also offers filling smoothies and gluten-free Brazilian cheese rolls that will have your taste buds running wild. 

16. Three Little Pigs

From pork belly sliders to Asian fried chicken, there really is no shortage of meat in this food truck’s kitchen. Three Little Pigs’ meat-packed menu fills the hearts and stomachs of Austin’s food truck crowd – just maybe not the vegetarians’!

17. East Side King

Serving up Japanese-style food with inspiration from around the world, this food truck really is Austin royalty. East Side King’s menu is filled with colorful dishes and international flavors. Dive into any of their tasty meshis or stick to the classics and try their beet home fries. 

18. Gourdough’s

We donut know what Austinites would do without the Gourdough’s food truck. Reinventing the original donut, this food truck combines the deep fried dough with crispy chicken, bacon, fried egg, and sausage. Their delicious dishes also come with witty names like Fat Elvin, Mother Clucker, and the Flying Pig. Good luck picking just one! 

Gourdoughs big fat donuts food truck
Photo credit: Kelly Purkey

19. The Mighty Cone

It really is love at first bite at this classic Austin food truck. You’ll find all your favorite foods served in a convenient paper cone, which will make eating the messiest foods a lot less messy. Try the classic burger stuffed into a cone, or any of their special hot and crunchy chicken, shrimp or avocado cones! There really is no going wrong with any!

20.  Abo Youssef

Take a trip to the Mediterranean by diving into Abo Youssef’s original falafels and traditional shawarma. They’re sticking to their tasty rootes and Austinites are loving every bite of it. From soups and salads, to meat and chicken plates, the options are endless! 

100 best restaurants concepts in the world button

Each of these food trucks is unique in its own right, and you want yours to stand out, too – but your truck’s concept is only one piece of a big (and delicious) puzzle to food truck success.

If you want to open a food truck in the fastest growing food truck market in the U.S., here’s where to start: 

You don’t want to tackle this crazy adventure all alone, so make sure your truck is equipped with a POS that can keep up with its high demands.

The Austin food truck culture is growing at a breakneck pace, so this is definitely the time to get in on it and make your mark as one of the top 10 restaurants in Austin. Good luck, and we’ll see you in Austin! 

Photo of Alex Fainblum
by Alex Fainblum

Alex is a Marketing Coordinator at TouchBistro where she writes about food and restaurant dining experiences. She’s a lover of all things chocolate covered but her true passion lies in late-night eating.

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