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Customer Stories

TouchBistro Case Study: The Peached Tortilla – Full Service Restaurant


Dana Krook

The Peached Tortilla: Restaurant Beginnings

Executive chef and founder Eric Silverstein is passionate about growing his business. In 2018, he added a new airport location, promotions with OpenTable, and tableside ordering with TouchBistro.

Growing Pains: Stacking Orders

“Before we offered tableside ordering, servers would have to take an order, write it down, and then go to one of the POS iPads,” Eric says. That meant servers tended to stack orders, taking everyone’s order in their section, then going to the POS station and punching in four table’s orders at once.

“The kitchen got all those orders at the same time. And, if multiple servers were stacking tickets because we just sat a whole restaurant at once, we got waves of tickets and the kitchen couldn’t keep up,” Eric says. “Then that becomes longer ticket times and a poor experience for customers.”

Tableside Ordering to the Rescue

Eric introduced tableside ordering with mobile iPads from TouchBistro and immediately saw benefits. “One, it allows us to give a better dining experience which yields more return business. And two, it boosts our efficiency and allows us to run a better operation, honestly,” he says.

Tableside ordering allows servers to get orders in faster, which helps the kitchen get food out faster because tickets aren’t coming in all at once. “And there’s less room for error when you’re just punching in an order right then and there. Server’s forget things. They’re human,” says Eric.

The Impact of a Mobile POS

After implementing tableside ordering in August of 2018, Eric saw The Peached Tortilla’s sales increased by 37% over last year. And, in the fall when sales typically decline due to football season, year-over-year sales were still up by 24%. Other initiatives like the new airport location also contributed to this boost.

“My restaurant is not that big and tableside has been useful,” he says. “I would think the bigger your restaurant, the more impact it would make because the distance to the POS stations would be greater.”

Dana is the Content Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, sharing tips for and stories of restaurateurs turning their passion into success. She loves homemade hot sauce, deep fried pickles and finding excuses to consume real maple syrup.

The right POS should help you increase sales.

Ultimate Guide to Picking a POS

The right POS should help you increase sales.

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