Pickup and Delivery Signs for Restaurants

Promote direct online ordering from your restaurant with these pickup and delivery signs.

printable posters for online ordering

What’s Included in This 5-Pack of Takeout and Delivery Signs:

  • Printable online ordering sign for your restaurant
  • Promotional delivery sign options
  • Promotional pickup signs
  • Takeout and delivery poster
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Promote direct online ordering from your restaurant with these pickup and delivery signs.

Online ordering for takeout and delivery is booming. In fact, the online ordering business is predicted to rise from $5 billion to $365 billion by 2030. If your restaurant only offers dine-in meals, you’re missing out on a lucrative revenue stream. And if you already offer online ordering, you can promote this service by hanging takeout and delivery signs throughout your restaurant.

To take your promotional efforts to the next level, we’ve created five free, downloadable posters to help you get started. Share your contact information in the form to get access to these delivery signs, or keep reading to learn more about what you’ll get from this download.

Takeout and Delivery Sign Preview

In our downloadable poster packet, you’ll get the following takeout and delivery signs:

Direct Online Ordering Sign

The first poster in the packet is an online ordering sign that reads, “Order online directly from our website.” By promoting your restaurant’s online ordering platform, you can divert orders from third-party apps that take a steep commission and lead them to your direct ordering website instead.

Two Delivery Signs

The next posters in the packet are two delivery signs that read, “We deliver! Order online from our website.” These signs come with two variations of graphics; the first shows a delivery driver on a scooter, while the second depicts a delivery van. Choose the option that best fits your delivery drivers’ mode of transport.

A Pickup Sign

If you don’t offer delivery, or simply want to emphasize order pickup, our pickup sign is perfect for you. It says, “available for takeout! Order online from our website.” The sign is punctuated with an orange takeout bag graphic.

Takeout and Delivery Sign

The last sign in the downloadable packet targets both takeout and delivery and says, “takeout and delivery available! Order online from our website.” It’s illustrated with a teal icon of a hand tapping a smartphone.

How to Use These Takeout and Delivery Signs

After entering your contact information into the form above and clicking “submit,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can download all five takeout and delivery signs. You can print these posters on a standard 8.5”x11” sheet of paper, or enlarge them and take them to a printer. Consider laminating these posters if you’ll be hanging them outdoors or in high-traffic areas.

Not sure where to start? First, figure out which signs are relevant to your restaurant. If you offer only takeout, then the online ordering and pickup signs will be the right options for you. If you offer both takeout and delivery, all of the signs in the packet will be applicable to your business.

Then, decide which signs are the most strategic for your goals. For example, if takeout orders are more profitable for you than delivery orders, consider only hanging the pickup sign to boost takeout awareness.

Finally, figure out where you’ll hang the posters. If you have a menu hanging in your front window or near your entrance, hang a sign there. Another strategic spot is by the host stand, from which customers usually pickup orders. Inside restrooms is another spot to affix posters and grab customers’ attention. Or, if you have a drive-thru ordering window, you can place your delivery or online ordering signs there to let customers know they have other options.

Download these five free takeout and delivery signs today, and experiment with putting them up in various locations and in various combinations throughout your restaurant. 

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