182 Creative Restaurant Names: Ideas, Examples & Inspiration

By Katherine Pendrill

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Naming your restaurant is one of the most important branding decisions you’ll make as a business owner, but coming up with restaurant names can be tough! 

You might just need a dash of creative inspiration to whip up the perfect name for your new venue. That’s why we’ve compiled this restaurant name ideas list. From funny and fancy restaurant names to cuisine-specific names for Mexican, Italian, and Chinese restaurants – we’re offering up 182 ideas to help you find your perfect fit.

We’ll also dive into these key tips for naming your restaurant:

  • Pinpoint your brand and target market
  • Consider your mission, purpose, and values
  • Find a restaurant name that isn’t already taken
  • Get feedback on your restaurant name

Let’s get brainstorming!

182 Restaurant Name Ideas to Inspire You

Looking for some good restaurant names to get you started on your own naming journey? We’ve got restaurant name ideas for days. While some of the ideas are well-known restaurant names for creative inspiration, others are ripe for the taking!

Funny Restaurant Names

Put a smile on your guests’ faces with these punny and funny restaurant names.

Fancy Restaurant Names

Evoke an air of class with these fancy restaurant names for your upscale venue.

Cool Restaurant Names

Let your inner hipster shine with these cool restaurant names for your new business.

Fast Food Restaurant Names

Make your fast food or fast casual joint stand out with these fast food restaurant names.

Fine Dining Restaurant Names

Position your brand as high quality with these timeless fine dining restaurant names.

Brunch Restaurant Names

Have some fun dishing out everyone’s favorite meal with these brunch restaurant names.

Bakery Names

These bakery names are so sweet, they’ll have your customers lined up around the block!

Seafood Restaurant Names

Reel in a catch (your next table!) with these clever seafood restaurant names.

Sushi Restaurant Names

Keep the good times rolling with these creative sushi restaurant names.

Pizza Restaurant Names

Rise to the top amidst your competition with these pizza restaurant names.

Mexican Restaurant Names

These Mexican restaurant names will make every day a fiesta at your new venue.

Italian Restaurant Names

Make Nonna proud with these Italian restaurant names that pay homage to The Boot.

Chinese Restaurant Names

Turn every night into takeout night with these irresistible Chinese restaurant names.

Tips for Choosing a Great Restaurant Name

1. Pinpoint Your Brand and Target Market

To help you decide on a restaurant name that fits like a glove, you first need to consider your venue type, restaurant branding, and target customer profile.

For example, if you want to open an upscale fine dining restaurant, choose a name that shows you take high-quality cuisine seriously. Alternatively, if you’re a fast food joint with a quirky vibe, go with a name that’s more fun and playful.

If you’re stuck, try using a restaurant name generator to get the creative juices flowing.

2. Consider Your Restaurant’s Mission, Purpose, and Values

Self-reflection can spark inspiration. So, ask yourself if there’s any information about your restaurant or the reason you started it that can help you land on a great name. Think about your restaurant’s mission statement and values to get the wheels turning.

For example, if your focus is on fresh farm-to-table food, try incorporating that into your restaurant name. Or, if you have a completely vegan menu, see how that concept might be able to inform your name. Choosing a name that reflects your mission, purpose, and values will let your guests know what your restaurant is all about.

3. Find a Restaurant Name That Isn’t Taken

It’s common for good restaurant names to be in use by another business. If you find this is the case with one of your favorite names, it can be disappointing, but it’s important to identify early on in the process (and not when you’re printing your menus!).

Having a unique restaurant name is crucial for many reasons, including branding purposes, search engine optimization, and compliance with copyright law. So, make sure your potential restaurant name isn’t already spoken for by doing a quick Google search.

4. Get Feedback

The top contenders on your restaurant name ideas list may seem like great options to you, but they might not be as appealing to other people. This is why you should always ask your friends, family, peers, team, and community for feedback on your new name. 

Seeking feedback will help ensure the name you’re considering conveys the image and idea that you’re trying to present with your restaurant. And, it might just help you narrow down your shortlist so you can pinpoint your new restaurant name.

You now have 182 restaurant name ideas to inspire you! Ready for the next step? Check out our list of the top 101 restaurant slogans.

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