Bar Cleaning Checklist Template

A proper bar cleaning checklist will help keep your guests and employees safe at all times.

bar cleaning checklist.

What You’ll Get With This Bar Cleaning Checklist:

  • A bar cleaning daily opening checklist PDF
  • A bar cleaning checklist template for daily operations
  • A bartender cleaning checklist for closing the bar at the end of day
  • A weekly free bar cleaning checklist

A proper bar cleaning checklist will help keep your guests and employees safe at all times.

A bar cleaning checklist ensures that your bar can run smoothly, you can keep up with health safety procedures, and you can keep your customers happy. Imagine for a minute if you were in the shoes of your customers. You wouldn’t want to drink from a filthy glass, and you would certainly avoid sitting by a bar covered in residue from other people’s drinks and snacks.

To ensure that your bar is clean and ready for guests, it’s important for your bar staff to start sanitizing and tidying up the bar at the start of the day. However, the cleaning doesn’t end there. A bartender cleaning checklist ensures that employees cover many key tasks throughout opening hours, daily operations, closing the bar, and on a weekly basis. All of these reminders help ensure that your bar has everything it needs to function optimally now and in the future.

Starting the day with dirty surfaces or disorganized kitchen tools can be very disorienting for a bartender. From cutting garnishes like lemons and limes to reaching for the bottle opener, you want your staff to be ready to serve guests as they arrive. An opening bar cleaning checklist PDF includes opening tasks such as cleaning tables and chairs, wiping down glassware, discarding expired juices and wines, laying out clean bottle openers and wine keys, and more. By following this free bar cleaning checklist, your bartender can make sure your bar is ready to delight customers.

Of course, there is more cleaning to do throughout the day as well! That’s where a bartender cleaning checklist for during the day comes handy. To keep bar operations running smoothly, this bar cleaning checklist template includes many daily tasks like refilling coolers with beers and cans, emptying the trash can, and flattening and storing empty container boxes. These tasks keep your bar looking shiny and welcoming to anyone who walks in your front door.

At the end of the day, your bartender will need to close up and prepare for the next morning. Using a bar cleaning checklist for closing can help your staff remember how to make sure everything is cleaned, stored, and put away. Tasks include washing dishes and glassware, dusting off display bottles, sanitizing soda dispenser guns, sweeping, and mopping the floor. With so many duties, this free bar cleaning checklist list will ensure your staff can get up and running the next business day without a hitch.

When working at a bar, it’s also important to check in on larger tasks once a week to help maintain and manage the business. A weekly bar cleaning checklist will help your staff keep the bar in order, with tasks like taking preventative steps for bugs and pests, dusting difficult-to-reach surfaces, and washing floor mats in the dishwasher or power washing them outside. By using a weekly checklist, your staff can ensure your bar is managed well on an ongoing basis.

Best of all, each page of our bar cleaning checklist template comes in a PDF format so you can easily print them or save them for future reference.

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