Server Sidework Checklist Template

A server sidework checklist helps ensure that your servers work efficiently and professionally from open until close.

Server Sidework Checklist

What You’ll Get With This Server Sidework Checklist

  • A printable restaurant sidework template for opening PDF
  • A restaurant server sidework checklist for during the day
  • A server sidework checklist template for closing

A server sidework checklist helps ensure that your servers work efficiently and professionally from open until close.

A server sidework checklist is an essential tool to help servers know what they are expected to do when they aren’t serving customers. Additionally, having a daily server sidework checklist can help you ensure that important functions are completed to keep your restaurant clean and neat, like sanitizing work stations and furniture, refilling condiments, and putting food away at the end of the day. Most importantly, by providing servers with a printable restaurant sidework template, you can help them complete tasks quickly and efficiently. 

To ensure that your restaurant is ready for guests, it’s important to identify what functions must be completed by your servers before you open your front doors. An opening server sidework checklist lays out activities that should be completed in the morning, such as unstacking chairs and straightening tables, cleaning menus and presenting them neatly, and sweeping the floors as needed. This restaurant server sidework checklist PDF also includes tasks for restocking daily inventory such as sugars, sweeteners, mints, and more. By following this server sidework checklist template, your servers will know their responsibilities from the moment they step inside your venue so they can keep your venue in tip-top shape.

Of course, there is more work to be done throughout the day too! That’s where a server sidework checklist template for during the day comes into play. To keep your restaurant running its best, this printable restaurant sidework template includes many ongoing cleaning tasks like setting tables for guests, rolling flatware in napkins, and wiping down tables between visits. This daily server sidework checklist also includes restocking tasks like refilling the dessert display, condiments, and bathroom supplies. All of these to-dos ensure that guests will feel welcome and satisfied when visiting your well-prepared dining area. Best of all, a restaurant server sidework checklist can help keep your restaurant clean and safe for everyone.

At the end of the day, it’s also important to provide your servers with a clear list of responsibilities for cleaning up your venue. A daily server sidework checklist for closing can also help get your venue prepared and save your servers time when you reopen the following day. A closing restaurant server sidework checklist includes tasks like putting away clean dishes, cleaning and sanitizing remote controls and TVs, checking for low inventory that needs to be reordered, and more. By using a printable restaurant sidework template, you can set your venue up for success the following day, so you have peace of mind after your doors are locked for the evening.

Best of all, each page of our printable restaurant sidework template comes in a PDF format so you can easily print them or save them for future reference.

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