Referrals Program – Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 29 Jan 2020

TouchBistro provides a Referral Program to allow Friends, Customers, and Affiliates to benefit from connecting us with new customers.

Participants in the Referral Program are called a “Referrer”. To participate in the Referral Program, Referrers must agree to the terms below.

Terms & Conditions Overview

The referral should be submitted using the referral form; TouchBistro will also accept referrals via phone and email if the Referrer makes an introduction between TouchBistro and the Referral.

TouchBistro is not required to pay the referral bonus for any referral made before January 1, 2018.

Referral Reward

Beginning January 1, 2020, referrers can earn $500 cash for successfully referring a new TouchBistro customer (“Referral”). Referrals submitted prior to January 1, 2020 are eligible to earn $400.

Those who refer a business in Canada or the United States with more than one location, that sign up at one time, will recieve a flat bonus of $1000.

Payment to the Referrer will be initiated once the Referral signs an upfront 12-month TouchBistro contract. Please allow up to 1 month after TouchBistro is set up at the Referral’s venue for the check to be issued and mailed via standard post.

TouchBistro is not required to pay the referral bonus for any referral made before January 1, 2018.

Program Eligibility

TouchBistro customers, customers’ staff, friends of restaurateurs, and TouchBistro staff, are all eligible to participate as long as they refer through TouchBistro’s online referral form.

If a referred venue calls TouchBistro as a result of your referral, you (the Referrer) must ensure they must provide the TouchBistro representative with your information and clearly state that you referred them to TouchBistro.

The following are not eligible to participate in TouchBistro’s Customer Referral Program:

TouchBistro partners, resellers, or sales and BDR staff.

Restaurant owners, operators, business decision makers, and staff are not permitted to refer their own businesses, or their current place of employment.

The referral is not valid if the Referrer is listed on the account or is already an existing customer who is adding new locations with TouchBistro. Spouses and relatives of the referral are also not eligible to refer.

Qualifying Referrals

A Referral will be deemed legitimate, thus warranting the referral bonus if: (1) the Referral is a foodservice venue; (2) the Referral is a new customer without existing relationships with TouchBistro or other TouchBistro affiliates or partners; (3) the Referral signs an upfront 12-month (annual) TouchBistro contract; (4) the Referral is not your (“Referrer”) own business or that of your family’s and/or partners, place of employment, or a franchise of your own business; (5) the Referral was made by filling out a form on; and (6) the Referral was made after January 1, 2018.

Referrers will not be paid their bonus should the lead or contact already exist in TouchBistro’s system. TouchBistro reserves the right to determine the original lead source and disqualify referrals. Exceptions can be made at TouchBistro’s discretion.

The Referrer must introduce TouchBistro to the referral by email, phone, or verbally notifying the Referral that TouchBistro will be in contact.

Whether you are a restaurant consultant or contractor and not a TouchBistro customer you can refer at

If you are a registered TouchBistro affiliate, please use the referral portal you were given upon registration. If you want to register as a TouchBistro affiliate, register here

Capturing Referrals

In order for a Referral to qualify for the program, their names must be submitted through a form on OR the Referral must submit their information on a form linked to by the Referrer’s share link.

If the referral does not enter our system via TouchBistro’s referral link, TouchBistro reserves the right to not honour the referral bonus. Referrals are not deemed valid from any other source than the above.

When the Referrer is ready to refer a friend, the Referrer must input their information as well as that of the Referral in the form that can be found at .

Affiliates can submit their information to become Affiliate Referral Partners at and share their referral code (a URL).

Referrers should only refer restaurants with which they have had a preliminary conversation confirming their intent to refer their business to TouchBistro.

Once a Referral has been made, their information will be captured by TouchBistro. Once a TouchBistro representative has verified the Referral has become a TouchBistro customer the referral bonus fulfillment process will begin.

Multiple Referrals

There is no limit to the number of Referrals a Referrer can make. There is no limit to how many referral bonuses a Referrer can receive.

A Referrer will receive as many referral bonuses as successful Referrals they have made.

Termination and Changes

TouchBistro reserves the right to modify the terms and/or referral rewards at any time without prior notice. TouchBistro also reserves the right to terminate the Referral Program at any point without prior notice.

For questions or more information, please contact your TouchBistro representative or email