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Bevchek creates technology to provide clarity and understanding in draft beverage programs. Bevchek’s systems utilize fluid flow, temperature, inventory, and menus, along with sales, to maximize profits measured to the hundredth of an ounce in real time.

MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, accounting, and profitability for restaurants of all kinds.

Craftable is a fully-mobile back-office solution tailored to maximize profit. Complete with inventory, invoice, recipe-costing, accounting, and sales analytics, the platform is designed for hospitality with the industry’s leading experts. Simple for the floor, powerful for the office.

For both multi-unit operators and independents, MarginEdge automates tedious processes, connects systems and radically streamlines key activities, like inventory, cost-tracking, ordering and recipes. MarginEdge automates the flow of your TouchBistro sales data directly into accounting. Save time and money with your sales entries transferring seamlessly each day, with you in total control of your accounts and your sales entry format.

Freepour provides restaurants with integrated inventory management solutions that offer visibility, accountability, and operational efficiencies that benefit all disciplines of running a foodservice operation. They help clients lower pour costs, lower labor costs associated with stocktaking, and compile more accurate data for procurement planning and financial reporting.

Optimum Control offers a complete food and beverage inventory management solution that is easy to use, no matter what your concept or size. Detailed recipe prep instructions make exact recipe and food costing simple. Streamline ordering and purchasing from all your suppliers at once with accurate, electronic invoicing. offers advanced restaurant/bar analytics to help you predict and plan for future sales. The platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze previous sales data. With this data, you can determine what your sales will look like based on the weather, holidays, events, and more. From that, you can order the exact amount of inventory needed to meet demand and create promotions around popular foods/beverages.

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