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Employee Spotlight: Scott Hokkanen

Manager, Sales Enablement | 4.5 Years at TouchBistro

Scott Hokkanen

What has your journey been like at TouchBistro?

It has been amazing! This company has changed my life. I’ve built valuable relationships and my time here has granted me opportunities to grow personally and professionally. In 2019, I started on the content team in marketing. I was involved on the creative side with trade shows and our blog. Today, I am on the Sales Enablement team within the sales organization.

What inspires you about the future of the restaurant industry?

I think that restaurant consumer expectations have changed for a variety of reasons. Our customers realize the value of technology, now more than ever. The exciting part is that things are changing so rapidly, and we are a part of that evolution.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your career to date?

A few come to mind. During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to work on the Restaurant Recovery Navigator. This tool became a content resource for creating an online community for our customers. We wanted to show that we were there for the restaurants and that we cared, aside from simply just providing a product.

Secondly, during our most recent Sales Kickoff event, I was awarded the “Impact Award” for the BDR organization. It was the first time that someone on Sales Enablement had won an award at Sales Kickoff. I share this award with my whole team as I think this reflects the value that the Enablement team provides to the sales organization.

Lastly, I am super proud of our TouchBistro charity hockey team! We participated in the Hockey Helps The Homeless tournament and raised a grand total of $34,000 over the last few years.

What is one food item that you don’t like that most people enjoy?

I really don’t enjoy sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and cilantro. Other than that, I pretty much like everything else.

Do you have any personal goals that you are working towards outside of TouchBistro?

I’m exploring a Professional Coaching Certification and also learning how to play guitar.

What was the last best show that you binge-watched on TV?

The last best show I watched was Ted Lasso.

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