Ultimate Guide to Brewery Marketing

Spread the word about your beers with these brewery marketing tips.

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What You’ll Learn in this Brewery Marketing Guide:

  • How to brand your brewery
  • Top digital marketing tips
  • Brewery and distillery social media marketing tips
  • The best brewery apps for promoting your business
  • Traditional brewery marketing ideas
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Spread the word about your beers with these brewery marketing tips.

If you’re seeking out this brewery marketing guide, you may be in one of two situations: you had a loud and clear voice in your head throughout your life guiding you towards opening a brewery, or you suddenly quit your corporate job to chase your dream of creating delicious beer. Whatever it was, you did what you needed to do to brew.

Now you have great beer, a production line that keeps rolling, and some loyal customers. However, something is missing: you want people everywhere to fall in love with your beers. It’s time to call in the Brewmaster of Marketing. You need a brewery marketing plan that takes what makes your business unique, and shares it with the world.

This free guide goes through the following five taps of marketing for breweries so, just like your beer, so you can stay fresh in the minds of customers and make your mark on the craft beer industry:

  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile apps
  • Event listings
  • Traditional marketing tactics

If you run a distillery, you’re in luck because these ideas for marketing a brewery will also be relevant to you!

If you need another reason to download this free brewery marketing guide, here’s an excerpt of what you’ll find inside.

Brewery and Distillery Social Media Marketing Tips

Stay top of mind online with these distillery and brewery marketing ideas for social media.

Create Content that Makes Customers Thirsty

With photos and videos taking over social feeds, this type of media is the best way to get the attention of the masses. An Instagram post of a crisp brew embellished with condensation and light hitting the amber gold liquid just right, has power. A TikTok of your customers enjoying a flight in your taproom is also extremely persuasive. For the perfect balance of social media content, show off your product, brand, and customers (with their permission, of course).

Encourage Tagging

Customers tagging your brewery in Instagram posts or TikToks, or checking in on Facebook is essentially free advertising. Encourage customers to tag your brewery by sharing your social media handles on table tents or posters throughout your space.

If possible, create a photo opportunity that entices customers to share social media content and tag your brewery. For instance, you could set up a selfie station by commissioning an eye-catching mural on one of your walls. Just be sure to include your restaurant’s logo and social media handles in the mural so your customers’ followers will know where the photo was taken, even if they forget to tag you.

Run Social Media Ads

If you have the budget for it, try paid advertising on social media. You can boost posts and manage ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram via Facebook’s Ads Manager. From there, you can advertise promotional content to “friends of friends” (your followers’ connections) or by creating a custom audience whose demographics are similar to your fans. This is an easy way to spread the word about your venue to those who best resemble your target customer.

Download Our Free Brewery Marketing Guide

Craft beer and spirit lovers have so many options nowadays. As a brewer or distiller, you can’t just perfect your craft; you also need to spread the word about it in a way that both engages customers in the moment and keeps you top of mind in the future. It’s only then that your bottles will be flying off the shelves. 

Managing a strong digital presence and honing in on the forums that dominate the way consumers make choices isn’t optional – it’s a necessity. Our free guide to brewery marketing can help your business stand out. Fill out the form above to download it today.

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