The Evolution of Restaurant Technology

Learn how restaurant technology is changing the hospitality industry.

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In this restaurant technology guide you’ll see how tech has impacted these business areas:

  • Order taking
  • Reporting
  • Cost of technology in restaurants
  • Payment processing
  • Design
  • Support
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Learn how restaurant technology is changing the hospitality industry.

The future is here, and thank goodness for that! Advances in restaurant technology have made daily operations easier for business owners and staff alike. In this guide to the evolution of technology in restaurants, we show you how these changes have improved every aspect of running a restaurant and transformed the customer’s experience.

We’re focusing primarily on point of sale (POS) systems, as they’re the central hub for all of your restaurant’s transactions. Before POS systems helped restaurateurs take orders, gather data, process payments, and more, businesses had to do many of these things manually. We’re talking about pen, paper, physical receipts, and lots of spreadsheets.

Since the advent of POS systems, these critical business tasks have been digitized. While traditional POS systems were a huge leap forward from the pen-and-paper method, they posed a lot of problems. Now that we’re in an era of mobile POS systems, which run on iPads and other tablets, it’s smooth sailing for restaurants.

Research shows that:

  • 76% of restaurant owners and managers cite the benefits of mobile devices as the top reason to upgrade their POS systems.
  • 74% of full service restaurants noticed dramatic improvements after upgrading their POS system.
  • 58% of quick service and fast casual restaurants experienced significant improvements after upgrading their POS systems.

How Technology Is Changing the Restaurant Industry

When you download our guide to the Evolution of Restaurant Technology, you’ll learn how advances in POS systems have improved order taking, reporting, costs, payment processing, design, and support. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

Order Taking

The only options servers originally had for taking orders were writing them down via pen and paper, and then taking these tickets to the kitchen. 

With a traditional POS, front-of-house staff had to run to the stationary system to input orders.

This guide highlights how iPad POS systems made order taking more efficient for both staff and customers.


Back in the day, the only way to keep track of critical data about your business was to rely on external software and spreadsheets. Nothing was automated, making everything complicated.

Things improved with a traditional POS, but reports are still hard to customize.

Learn how iPad-based POS systems revolutionized reporting.

Cost of Technology in Restaurants

While pen and paper may seem like a great way to cut costs from the outset, you always end up getting what you pay for. Such an archaic option doesn’t set your restaurant up for success in the long run.

Traditional POS systems come with significant upfront costs and unanticipated maintenance fees.

In this guide, we explain how iPad-based POS systems pay for themselves.

Payment Processing

Using the old-school pen-and-paper method, servers were expected to split bills and keep track of bar tabs mentally. Doing the math led to mistakes and slowed down the payment process.

With a traditional POS, servers often have to wait in a queue to access the system to settle a bill during peak hours, slowing down table turnover as a result.

Learn how iPad POS systems are cutting down payment processing times and simplifying bill splitting.


Using pen and paper in place of restaurant technology is seen as old-fashioned by customers, who likely think the same about your business.

Bulky and stationary traditional POS systems are not only an eyesore for customers, but they also take up prime counter real estate.

In our guide to technology in restaurants, you’ll learn how iPad POS systems are on the cutting edge of intuitive design.


With a manual, pen-and-paper system for recording transactions and taking orders, support is non-existent. You’re on your own!

A traditional POS system offers support at a high cost.

Learn how mobile POS systems provide free, around-the-clock support to help you meet your business goals.

Wrapping Up: The Evolution of Restaurant Technology

There’s no doubt how much technology is changing the restaurant industry. iPad POS systems are the latest frontier of advances. Download TouchBistro’s Evolution of Restaurant Technology guide to gain a deeper understanding of how systems have changed and where they’re headed next.

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