Free Restaurant Waitlist Template

Manage walk-ins effortlessly with this printable restaurant waitlist template.

Restaurant Waitlist Template

What You’ll Get With This Restaurant Waitlist Template:

  • A printable waiting list template that includes columns for guest name, number of people, expected wait time, seating area, special requests, and more

Manage walk-ins effortlessly with this printable restaurant waitlist template.

On busy days when walk-in guests are difficult to keep track of, a restaurant waitlist template can come to your staff’s rescue. Learn what a waiting list form is and why you should use one. Then, download our printable waiting list template by entering your contact information in the form above.

What is a Restaurant Waitlist Template?

A restaurant waitlist template is a document that helps you keep track of guests who walk into your restaurant without a reservation and want a table. This form helps your business organize the flow of guests that enter your venue. 

Typically, a waiting list template includes a chart with several columns for you to fill out – with categories such as a guest name, number of people in the party, contact information, estimated wait time, seating area, and special requests.

Why Should You Use a Restaurant Waitlist Template?

This simple document can make a world of difference for your restaurant, its customers, and staff. A restaurant waitlist template can…

Simplify Organization

A printable waiting list template is much easier to use than a notepad and can help you stay organized because there’s a clear record of all walk-ins, when their table will be ready, and what section they’ll be seated in. 

You can print out a copy of your restaurant waiting list and customize the “Day of the Week” and “Date” sections. When a party arrives without a reservation, jot down their name, contact info, size, and requests. Then, quote them a wait time based on the number of parties ahead of them on the waitlist. 

The waitlist template allows your staff to stay organized and quickly register new guests as they arrive. Your staff will have all the information they need to figure out seating arrangements and seat guests in a timely and professional manner! 

Help Seat Customers More Quickly

Our restaurant waitlist also helps speed up the flow of new visitors to your restaurant – which is especially important in today’s fast-paced world where customers expect immediate service. By using a waiting list template to keep track of the flow of visitors that enter your doors, you can be sure of which party to seat first when tables become available.

Additionally, a waitlist template helps your restaurant avoid disagreements between guests and staff by putting wait times and the order in which guests arrived into writing. 

Set Expectations

A restaurant waitlist template helps you seat guests faster by providing estimated wait times. 

Just consider some of the busiest times of the year at your restaurant, like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. Couples, friends, and families want to celebrate these special occasions with a festive meal out. It can be extremely disappointing if they come all the way to your venue only to find out that they cannot be seated. 

A waitlist template helps keep track of the arrival of your hungry guests and reassures them that they will be seated at a specific time. You can share these wait times with staff so they keep service running smoothly.

What You’ll Get When You Download This Free Restaurant Waitlist Template

When you download our free, printable restaurant waitlist template, you’ll get a PDF of a chart that has a place to record the date and day of the week, and columns for each customer’s arrival time, expected wait time, name, party size, phone number, table number, and comments.

Manage customer expectations, speed up service, and simplify waitlist management for your host by downloading our free waiting list form today.

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