18 Free Restaurant Menu Templates

Download 18 customizable, ready-to-print restaurant menu templates for free.

Restaurant Menu Templates

What You’ll Get With Your Free Restaurant Menu Templates Download:

  • 18 free restaurant menu templates, including fine dining menu templates, fast food menu templates, cafe menu templates, brunch menu templates, breakfast menu templates, and more
  • Instructions for customizing, downloading, and printing your custom menu templates
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Download 18 customizable, ready-to-print restaurant menu templates for free.

Creating an eye-catching restaurant menu with the help of restaurant menu engineering has never been easier thanks to our free restaurant menu templates. Each of these 18 templates is fully customizable with a quick download of the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using Acrobat Reader, you can adjust all of the text in these templates to reflect your restaurant’s menu items and menu descriptions. You can even add your restaurant’s logo and your social media handles directly to your menu.

And once you have a menu that’s ready and that you’re proud of, you can share it on your website, in print, or even on your social media channels – it’s that easy! Your restaurant menu design templates free download can be saved into a PDF file, so it can be read anywhere and on any device without losing quality.

Free Restaurant Menu Templates

Eager to design your dream restaurant menu? You can create your own menus quickly and easily with these pre-designed, free editable restaurant menu templates. Browse our collection to choose one that matches your vision, then customize it to fit your branding goals with your food and beverage choices.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find when you download this pack of 18 free restaurant menu templates:

Template 1: Cafe Menu Template

This two-column cafe menu template is perfect for a cafe that sells smoothies, juices, and larger meals. It comes with a space for your cafe’s name and logo on the top of the menu, and website and social media handles on the bottom. The bottom of this cafe menu template also features a decorative leafy blue-and-green footer.

Template 2: Fine Dining Menu Template

If you want to offer customers a prix fixe menu, this single-column fine dining menu template could be right for you. While it’s designed for three courses, you can easily edit it to include more or fewer courses. This fine dining menu template is perfect for the winter season, as it’s flanked by a strip of snowflakes.

Templates 3 & 4: Fast Food Menu Templates

We have two fast food menu templates in our free restaurant menu templates pack. The first is bold, colorful, and ideal for a fast food concept with a traditional a la carte menu. 

The second fast food menu template is more subtle in its design and is ideal for a build-your-own meal concept. The restaurant in the example lets customers build their own poke bowl. This menu would also be well suited for a restaurant that allows guests to create their own burrito bowls, customizable burgers, or bespoke pizzas.

Template 5: Breakfast Menu Template

If your restaurant is in the business of breakfast, this breakfast menu template may be a great fit for you. This single-column template is sleek and understated, to really let your options shine. Fill in the breakfast menu template’s breakfast, juices, and coffee/tea sections, or customize these sections to fit your offerings.

Template 6: Brunch Menu Template

If a late-morning meal is the name of your game, this brunch menu template is what you need to present your options. This dainty menu is decorated with floral motifs, and features enough space for sweet and savory offerings.

Template 7: Lunch Menu Template

Our lunch menu template features two-columns, five customizable sections, and an attractive diagonal color block design. Personalize it with your restaurant’s mid-day meal options.

Templates 8-11: Full Service Restaurant Menu Templates

We have four full-service focused menu templates ready for you to customize, including three two-column menus and one one-column menu. While our samples feature Chilean, farm-to-table, Thai, and seafood restaurants, you can easily swap in your own restaurant’s branding.

Templates 12-15: Beverage Menu Templates

This restaurant menu template pack includes a wine bar menu template, bar menu template, cocktail menu template, and happy hour menu template. Update the ones that are best suited to your business.

Templates 16 & 17: Dessert Menu Template

Whether desserts are the focus of your business, or just the sweet end to your meals, these dessert menu templates will help you present your treats to customers in a beautiful and organized way.

Template 18: Kids’ Menu Template

Give your youngest customers the star treatment with a special menu just for them. Add your most kid-friendly dishes to this colorful, dotted kids’ menu template. 

Restaurant Menu Templates Free Download 

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