18 Free Restaurant Menu Templates

Get 18 customizable, ready-to-print free restaurant menu templates.

Restaurant Menu Templates

What You’ll Get With Your Restaurant Menu Design Templates Free Download:

  • 18 free restaurant menu templates, including breakfast menu templates, food truck menu templates, wine list menu templates, and more.
  • Instructions for customizing, downloading, and printing your custom menu templates.
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Get 18 customizable, ready-to-print free restaurant menu templates.

Are you struggling to create a stylish menu for your restaurant? The good news is that you don’t have to hire a graphic designer in order to create a professional restaurant menu. Creating an eye-catching restaurant menu has never been easier thanks to our free restaurant menu templates. 

To help speed up the menu creation process we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by putting together 18 free restaurant menu templates. Each of these restaurant menu templates is fully customizable with a quick download of the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using Acrobat Reader, you can adjust all of the text in these templates to reflect your restaurant’s specific menu items. You can even add your restaurant’s logo and your social media handles directly to your menu.

Creating your own menus can be done quickly and easily with these pre-designed free editable restaurant menu templates. Browse our collection to choose one that matches your vision, then customize it to fit your branding goals with your food and beverage choices.

And once you have a menu that’s ready and that you’re proud of, you can share it on your website, in print, or even on your social media channels – it’s that easy! Your restaurant menu design templates free download can be saved into a PDF file, so it can be read anywhere and on any device without losing quality.

Using these templates is a clever shortcut because a well-designed menu is one of your restaurant’s biggest assets – it helps your restaurant present its unique look and feel to customers from the moment they sit down. Whether you run a bistro, a brewery, a bakery, an ice cream bar, a seafood restaurant, or something else entirely, our free editable restaurant menu templates allow you to craft a menu that fits your specific venue type.

A well-crafted menu template is also important because, no matter what type of restaurant you run, your menu acts as one of the most important marketing tools you have. Beyond simply showing off your current dishes, our free restaurant menu templates can help you present your restaurant’s brand identity and act as a powerful sales tool. 

In addition to attracting diners to eat at your restaurant, your menu also lets guests know what to expect when they show up. In fact, 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before they dine or order out from a venue, so make sure you showcase all the dishes your restaurant is known for by customizing our free editable restaurant menu templates. 

Not to mention, you can also use our free editable restaurant menu templates to help your guests make ordering decisions and take some pressure off your staff. Play up your high-margin items and drive sales of key dishes through well-written menu descriptions. Simply edit your restaurant menu design templates free download to include descriptive phrases or highlight best sellers.

Remember, your menu should represent the spirit and culture of your venue, helping you stand out from your competition and boost your profits. A well-planned menu layout can influence your guests’ purchasing decisions, and clearly communicate your restaurant’s branding. 

With 18 free restaurant menu templates to choose from, there’s something for every type of venue and every type of cuisine.

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