Restaurant Manager Duties Checklist

A proper restaurant manager duties checklist keeps your business running efficiently.

Restaurant Manager Duties Checklist

What You’ll Get With This Restaurant Manager Duties Checklist:

  • A restaurant manager daily opening checklist PDF
  • A restaurant manager daily closing checklist
  • A monthly checklist for restaurant managers

A proper restaurant manager duties checklist keeps your business running efficiently.

A restaurant general manager duties checklist ensures that the main functions of a restaurant are running smoothly. Restaurant manager duties include important tasks such as hiring, training, and managing staff, as well as maintaining inventory. All of these tasks are necessary to make sure that your business operates smoothly and that customers are satisfied. 

These duties start early in the day when the manager helps to open the restaurant. A restaurant manager duties checklist for opening your restaurant includes many key tasks that will ensure your restaurant has everything it needs to function optimally for the day. 

A manager typically arrives before the rest of the team and starts opening the business before everyone else shows up to work. The restaurant manager duties checklist PDF includes opening tasks such as creating an agenda for staff meetings, reviewing menu items and specials with your restaurant team, setting daily sales goals, scheduling kitchen maintenance, and more. By following this checklist, your restaurant manager can make sure that your restaurant offers outstanding service, and that your staff feel supported and ready to delight guests from the moment they start to arrive. 

Of course, a manager’s daily tasks don’t stop there – they also need to help close up your restaurant for the day. A restaurant manager duties checklist for closing your restaurant includes important tasks that must be completed at the end of the day, when your staff is tired and ready to go home. This restaurant manager duties checklist PDF ensures that all of your manager’s duties are completed before your doors lock for the evening. Tasks include ensuring bills are paid, taking notes on staff performance, keeping track of inventory, ordering new stock, and more. Completing this list should increase your team’s satisfaction, while making sure that visitors have an enjoyable dining experience. 

To help you ensure that your restaurant manager doesn’t miss a beat, we also included a monthly restaurant manager duties checklist. This checklist includes a list of all of the essential tasks that need to be completed on a regular, but less frequent basis. For example, some of these tasks include enforcing HR policies, identifying new tools and processes to increase workflow efficiency, as well as monitoring health and safety laws and guidelines. This restaurant general manager duties checklist will ensure that these long-term duties are never missed.

Best of all, each restaurant manager duties checklist comes in a PDF format so you can easily print them or save them for future reference.

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