Miami Annual Report: The State of Full Service Restaurants

1 in 8 Miami restaurateurs owns their restaurant’s space.

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What's In The Report?

  • Miami restaurant trends in technology, staffing, operations, and more
  • Insight into the financial health of Miami restaurants
  • Valuable benchmarks to see how your restaurant compares
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1 in 8 Miami restaurateurs owns their restaurant’s space.

Miami’s restaurateurs are also real estate moguls.

Miami may be known as the culinary capital of the Southeast, but it’s also home to some of the most business-savvy restaurateurs. Not only are Miami restaurateurs embracing technology at breakneck speed, but many of them are budding real estate moguls who own their own space.

Though they have an edge when it comes to reservations and online ordering, Miami restaurants are facing major labor shortages, especially for servers, chefs, and bartenders. Not to mention the city has some of the highest turnover rates in the country.

Our Miami Restaurants Report looks at the successes and challenges faced by Miami restaurateurs, including how they use their POS to inform business decisions.

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