Catering Business Plan Template

Craft a compelling vision for your new catering company and present key details to your investors with this sample catering business plan.

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Use This Catering Business Plan Template To:

  • Write a strong executive summary
  • Share a high-level company overview
  • Provide a thorough market analysis
  • Present your business offerings and menu
  • Outline an operations and staffing plan
  • Create a marketing and PR plan
  • Share your financial analysis and projections

Craft a compelling vision for your new catering company and present key details to your investors with this sample catering business plan.

You’ve decided to start a catering business – congratulations on taking this exciting step! You believe in your vision, and now it’s time to get others on board to help you bring it to life.

Presenting potential investors with a strong business plan for your catering company is a smart way to make a memorable first impression. You want to show them you’ve considered all of the important details that go into launching and running a successful catering business.

Chances are, you’re in this line of work because you have a passion for food and creating incredible experiences for your clients. Putting together a business plan for your catering company may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need a catering business plan sample to help you get started.

What You’ll Find in this Free Catering Business Plan Template

Learn how to write a business plan like a pro with this sample catering business plan template that covers 7 critical sections.

Executive Summary

Kick your catering business plan off with a bang! Present key elements about your concept, target market, service model, and menu to intrigue investors so they’ll want to keep reading. Don’t be shy in this section – proudly share the factors that will make your restaurant catering company a success. Then, finish off the executive summary with several financial highlights.

Company Overview

Fully introduce your new business, so your investors will get the information they need about your company history and ownership structure. Here, you can include more details on your catering business’s concept, mission, goals, and clientele.

Market Analysis

It’s time to get specific about who you plan to serve. Share the location and service area radius of your new catering company, as well as the current market conditions. Explain your unique market positioning and the target audience you’re hoping to appeal to.

Business Offerings and Menu

Let your creativity shine in the business offering section of your catering business plan! Tell your investors all about the items you’ll offer on your catering menu to help them buy into your vision further. Explain why you’ve chosen this approach, and how your catering menu will appeal to your market. Be sure to include a sample menu, too.

Operations and Staffing Plan

Outline how your catering company will operate day-to-day once you’re up and running. Touch on key aspects of your business operations like your staffing strategy, as well as the suppliers, technology, and equipment you plan to use.

Marketing and PR Plan

Describe how you’ll get the word out about your new catering business. Cover everything from your market positioning, pricing, and location to your promotion strategies such as advertising, social media, email marketing, and community partnerships.

Financial Analysis and Projections

Many investors will skip straight to this section of your catering business plan, so spend some time on crafting it well. Include a breakdown of your anticipated costs and projected revenue, as well as how you plan to allocate their investment.

Download your free catering business plan sample to create a plan that will wow investors. And once you’ve started your business, use our free restaurant invoice template to start collecting payment from each event.

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