Calendar of National Food Days For Restaurants

Use this free calendar of national food days to plan ahead your restaurant marketing promotions for 2024.

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What You’ll Get with Our Calendar with National Food Days

  • List of all the national food holidays, including the dates
  • List of all American and Canadian federal holidays, including the dates
  • Marketing promotion ideas and tips for restaurant holidays

Use this free calendar of national food days to plan ahead your restaurant marketing promotions for 2024.

If you run or operate a restaurant, a national food holiday calendar can be a useful document to have at your fingertips and refer to. This is because it highlights all the key food days and more traditionally celebrated annual holidays annually. Having a calendar like this allows restaurateurs to organize and prepare their marketing promotions accordingly (and well in advance). Continue reading to learn more about which national food holidays exist, and how our free downloadable calendar can help your marketing efforts.

What Are National Food Holidays?

National food holidays originate from a mix of marketing and food cultural influences. Many of these days were started by foodies who wanted to promote their favorite dish or ingredient. This resulted in a unique opportunity for restaurants and brands to take advantage of these days and boost their sales in the process. 

So, what exactly are national food holidays? Each national food holiday is a day dedicated to celebrating a beloved dish, ingredient, or beverage. For example, National Spaghetti Day is a day honoring spaghetti as a favorite dish among many spaghetti lovers out there. The same goes for National Shawarma Day or National Cookie Day.

What Is a Calendar of National Food Days?

With a better understanding of what celebratory food days are, you can probably guess that a calendar of national food days is one single document that highlights all these days throughout the year. This document also tells you which dish, food, or beverage is being celebrated and when.

Benefits of Using Our Calendar of National Food Days for Your Restaurant

Now that you know what a calendar with national food days is, here are benefits of using one at  your restaurant:

  • An overview of what food holidays there are and when they are celebrated makes it easier to create a timely marketing strategy for your restaurant
  • Keeps you in the loop about marketable opportunities to promote your restaurant and draw in customers
  • Help set your restaurant up for success, specifically with holiday staffing, so you can ensure you’re properly accommodating your guests
  • Helps you prepare for timely special menu execution, all based around shining a spotlight on a specific dish or beverage
  • Easily unlock valuable tips and tricks around restaurant promotion ideas and how to advertise your restaurant brand based on these holidays

Download our free calendar of national food days to celebrate these fun food holidays, as well as more traditional holidays. You’ll find an easy reference to the major 2024 foodie holidays, along with some helpful tips and tricks on how to celebrate those national food days at your restaurant.

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