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6 Addictive Podcasts Restaurateurs Are Listening to Right Now

By Jackie Prange

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The restaurant industry is changing fast.  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to keep abreast of the latest and greatest while maintaining a successful business.

Busy people who like to multitask are turning to a popular channel to soak up new knowledge about their industry: the podcast. If you’re looking for a convenient way to get advice from industry experts, new trends in food, and stories about other restaurateurs like you – here are six addictive podcasts you should be listening to … like right now.

1. Restaurant Unstoppable

Hosted by Eric Cacciatore, Restaurant Unstoppable features learnings and advice from proven restaurant industry professionals. With just over 300 podcasts, no two are the same. His episodes speak to a variety of popular industry topics, smart technology, marketing, menu optimization, and everything in between – so get listening!

Our favorite episode: How to Attract New Customers and Turn Them into Raving Fans with Nick Fosberg

What you’ll learn: Restaurant marketing tips from a pro! You’ll learn the RIGHT way to market and promote your restaurant with new technology, techniques, and insight.

Why we loved it: It’s a deep dive into restaurant marketing. Fosberg gets into the details of advertising, service culture, customer service, and the importance of an email list.

2. Just Forking Around

Described as a series for restaurateurs, creative chefs, kick-ass servers, wicked cool winemakers, and fresh farmers, Just Forking Around has something for everybody who plays a part in the restaurant industry.

Our favorite episode: Sailing into the Future of Food Service with Wendy Tuttle

What you’ll learn: Get a glimpse into what it takes to be a restaurant manager, the importance of leadership skills, and what the future holds for the restaurant industry at large.

Why we loved it: We love hearing from people in the trenches of the industry, and Wendy offers years of expertise she’s gained from overseeing countless venues and all of their inner-workings. This episode is nothing short of inspirational.

3. Restaurant Rockstars

If you’re looking for real-time tips from industry vets, the Restaurant Rockstars podcast is for you. Covering a range of topics, like customer service, marketing, and financial best practices, the Restaurant Rockstars podcast is made to help you implement better business practices.

Our favorite episode: Kill It or Get Killed – 25 Actionable Ideas for Your Restaurant

What you’ll learn: 25 tips that will help you sell more product, make more money, lower your turnover, build your dream staff, and – last but not least – have more fun in your free time.

Why we loved it: We LOVE actionable tips (duh), but especially ones you could implement today that will help blow your competition out of the water tomorrow.

4. Heritage Radio Network

Built from a network of 40+ thought leaders and experts in the restaurant industry, the Heritage Radio Network is home to a variety of podcasts. If you want to keep a finger on the pulse of the restaurant and food world, this network will spoil you with the range of series it has to offer.

Our favorite episode: Cooking Issues – Frank Lee’s “Letter to An Unborn Chef”

What you’ll learn: Discover how even after decades in the industry, Frank Lee maintains his passion for combining French technique with Southern ingredients, and evolving as a mentor to others in the space.

Why we loved it: While to whole “Letter to an Unborn Chef” series is great, we loved Frank Lee’s especially, as he’s been behind a stove for 30+ years and has the type of experience everyone dreams of accessing.

5. The Resilient Restaurant

Launched by the leading inventory-management software MarketMan, The Resilient Restaurant podcast showcases some of the challenges restaurants are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring stories from restaurateurs and industry experts, each episode offers real-world insights, tips, and actionable strategies to help restaurants adapt to a post-pandemic world.

Our favorite episode: Dealing with Adversity: Making Tough Decisions, Quick Pivots, and Pandemic Partnerships

What you’ll learn: The story of how Desi Saran, Founder of Sweetberry Bowls, was able to pivot during the pandemic, and why restaurants need to invest in technology like online ordering and loyalty programs to adapt to changing consumer behavior.

Why we loved it: The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and we loved hearing how real restaurateurs have been able to adapt and even thrive in trying times.

6. Secret Sauce: The Marketing Podcast

Known as one of the most popular Restaurant Marketing podcasts, Secret Sauce covers all aspects of restaurant marketing ideas, strategies, and plans of action, all in the name of helping restaurant industry professionals around the world create a new (and repeat) customer base.

Our favorite episode: 9 Common Reasons Restaurants Fail

What you’ll learn: Dig into nine areas of restaurant failure that may have never crossed your mind – and make sure they don’t happen to you.

Why we loved it: Instead of just speaking to restaurant failure, we loved the unique angle this podcast takes by looking to management and the reasons why failure can happen – like cash flow mismanagement, burnout, and lack of concept.

This is just a taste of the awesome podcasts available to those looking to better themselves in the restaurant industry. So what are you waiting for? Kick back, subscribe, and get listening!

Photo of Jackie Prange
by Jackie Prange

Jackie was a Content Marketing Specialist and Social Media strategist at TouchBistro before moving into business development role. She covered the latest food, dining, and technology trends for the restaurant industry. A lover of all things coffee, Jackie’s hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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