4 Must-Have Restaurant Financial Spreadsheets

Track your business’ health with these free financial spreadsheets for restaurants.

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What You’ll Get in this Restaurant Financial Spreadsheets Pack:

  • Revenue spreadsheet template
  • Controllable costs spreadsheet template
  • Financial forecast spreadsheet template
  • Startup costs spreadsheet template

Track your business’ health with these free financial spreadsheets for restaurants.

While it may not be the most glamorous part of owning a restaurant, keeping track of your business’ finances makes all the difference when it comes to long-term decision making. The good news is that we’ve created four restaurant financial spreadsheet templates to simplify this tedious-yet-critical process.

Download and fill out these templates to understand your restaurant’s wellbeing, track historic revenue, forecast future sales, and much more. After all, when you know your numbers ahead of time, you can avoid emergency situations – and ultimately enjoy owning your dream restaurant.

Each Excel-compatible restaurant spreadsheet comes with step-by-step instructions. But first, here’s a closer look at what you can do with each template.

Revenue spreadsheet template

This revenue worksheet can help you better understand how your restaurant makes money.

You’ll be able to track your average sales and revenue on weekdays and compare them to peak times, like weekends and holidays. With formulas built into the Excel spreadsheet, your restaurant’s managers can easily calculate average sales per day and total revenue. 

This template also helps you compare your food sales to your beverage sales, so you always know your sales mix and can make data-based decisions about what to put on the menu. 

Controllable costs spreadsheet template

The controllable costs template borrows data from the revenue spreadsheet so you can calculate your restaurant’s cost of goods sold, labor costs, and operational profit. 

You’ll also discover your cost of goods sold as a percentage and a dollar amount, in addition to how those figures break down between food and beverages. 

When it comes to labor costs, you’ll also be able to calculate them as a percentage and a figure, and break them down by front-of-house, back-of-house, and managerial positions.

Financial forecast spreadsheet template

This free restaurant spreadsheet helps you predict and budget for your restaurant’s monthly expenses. It’s informed by figures from the revenue and controllable costs worksheet. 

To make things easy, we’ve divided the spreadsheet into the 13 most common restaurant expense categories, including: advertising and promotions, kitchen supplies, restaurant supplies, bank charges, credit card fees, insurance, legal and accounting, maintenance, office expenses, rent, telecommunications, utilities, and web maintenance. The spreadsheet is customizable, so you can easily swap categories out and introduce new ones. 

When you know how much your restaurant will spend each month on expenses, you can more accurately predict your net profit margin.

Startup costs spreadsheet template

Haven’t opened your restaurant yet? Not sure what it will cost? This is the financial spreadsheet for your future restaurant. 

There are lots of expenses to consider while building a budget for a new restaurant. This spreadsheet makes setting up your business more manageable by helping you think of and track every relevant startup cost, such as bank charges, website design and development, advertising and marketing costs, training costs, inventory, POS costs, legal and accounting, office expenses, rent, and utility deposits. 

We also guide you through expenses for small wares (like kitchen and front-of-house accessories) and larger costs, such as capital improvements, furniture and fixtures, and equipment. 

Download these four free financial spreadsheets for your restaurant to take control of your cash flow and profits.

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