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3 Ways Restaurants Can Upsell

Training your team on upselling is a win-win.

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Training your team on upselling is a win-win.

Your customers receive a meal customized to their taste, your staff see tips increase from larger cash outs, and your business watches your average check size soar. Everybody wins!

And the best part is there are techniques both you and your staff can implement to ensure upselling becomes a normal part of every customer interaction. From prompts through your POS to kiosk technology, it’s easier than ever to incorporate upselling – and easier to see the benefits for your business!

Katie is the Content Marketing Specialist at TouchBistro where she writes about food and restaurant experiences. She doesn’t shy away from the finer things in life, but no matter how much success she continues to acquire, she stays true to her roots and still considers imitation crab as gourmet. If she isn’t writing, you can find her on a patio with friends and a pitcher of white wine sangria.

The right POS should help you increase sales.

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