TouchBistro's Brewery POS System

Your brewery doesn’t run like a typical restaurant. Our brewery POS system makes it easy to serve food and drinks, and sell six-packs and merchandise – both on-premise and online.

Increase Sales

  • Increase cover values with pop-up prompts that remind servers to upsell premium brews.

  • Drive repeat business by encouraging customers to return for another pint with lucrative promotions and loyalty programs.

  • Move more profitable items with timed promotion reminders and alerts that tell staff what’s on tap when they clock in.

Deliver a Great Guest Experience

  • Let customers move freely around your taproom with table transfer and seat joining features.

  • Send customers tailored promotions – like offers on beer clubs and new brews – based on their behavior.

  • Tableside ordering through our mobile POS enables servers to spend more time with customers, and helps customers spend less time waiting in lines.

Save Time and Money

  • Reduce spillage with advanced inventory management solutions.

  • Control costs with transparent payment processing.

  • Save time and money with commission-free online orders that automatically flow from your website to your POS.

Reporting & Analytics for Breweries

Reports can help you tap into what your customers want – like which beer styles are fan favorites. TouchBistro customers have access to 50+ detailed reports that provide insights and help power business decisions, including…

Sales Dashboard

Review daily and weekly profits in real time with drill downs by beer type, sales category, and more on a streamlined dashboard.

Staff Schedule and Performance

Get a closer look at employee activity and performance to inform staffing decisions, plan your schedule, and optimize labor costs.

Menu Analysis

Get insight into your most popular menu items, whether it be your best beer on tap or your award-winning appetizers.

Product Guide

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Relevant Products for Your Brewery and Bottle Shop

All of our products work seamlessly with our POS, helping you to streamline brewery operations and spend less time manually connecting the dots. And with more time on your hands, you can focus on connecting with customers and growing your business.

Our mobile POS system is fast, reliable, and easy to use. It comes with all of the features your brewery needs to manage inventory, optimize its taproom’s floor plan, access real-time reporting, and more.

Give customers as many payment options as you have brews! Our three-in-one hardware, software, and support solution for payment processing makes it easy for customers to pay any way they want.

Make beer lovers come for the brews and stay for the rewards. With TouchBistro Loyalty, you can create beer clubs that encourage customers to work towards enticing perks, while TouchBistro Marketing helps you spread the word.

Our online ordering solution helps you reach thirsty locals by selling beer, food, and merch through your website and the TouchBistro Dine discovery platform. With no commission fees, you’ll retain 100% of the profits*.

*Payment processing and delivery fees may apply.

Free Resources for Breweries

Breweries encounter complex challenges like increasing competition, expensive customer acquisition, and thin profit margins. Learn how to tackle everyday problems like implementing an online ordering system, planning the perfect brewery staff schedule, and more with educational resources from the TouchBistro Blog.

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