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TouchBistro Sets Benchmark with Payments Attach Rates, RIP Stand-Alone Payments

August 1, 2019 | Reforming Retail

“We have an overall payments attach rate around 60%,” said John Florinis, TouchBistro’s VP of Payments. “This comes as we cross-sell payments into existing customers and onboard new merchants on our payments. Currently new merchants are attaching to our payments in the low 70 percent.”   And if that’s not enough, TouchBistro is ending July with an 81% payments attach rate.   Even though TouchBistro offers open payments, meaning a merchant can choose whatever processing option they want, TouchBistro is finding that more than 70% of their new merchants opt for their payments processing solutions.

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Canada’s Top 50 FinTech Companies

July 18, 2019 | Digital Finance Institute

The Digital Finance Institute is pleased to release its list of Canada’s Top 50 FinTech Companies. To prepare the list of Canada’s Top 50 FinTech Companies, the Institute conducted market research and informational interviews with stakeholders to gather data to help identify the leading companies in Canada. A number of factors, such as disruption of service, scalability, growth, external adoption and innovation were taken into consideration when compiling the list of the top 50 companies. In assessing the factors, we standardized the ranges of numeric variables and measured each company’s score index by calculating the weighted average under the comprehensive consideration of the determining factors listed above. The companies listed represent a wide diversity of sub – sectors in FinTech, capital markets, insurance, Blockchain, RegTech, payments and finance. We are grateful for the input and insight we received from the FinTech and finance community across Canada while researching this report and congratulations to all of Canada’s Top 50 FinTech Companies. The Digital Finance Institute is a think tank for digital finance with three foundational pillars – financial inclusion, responsible innovation, and support for women in FinTech. Today, the Institute is run by Millennials, which we believe is important for Canada’s digital economy revolution. In our work, we represent a strategic link in the digital finance ecosystem among the financial services sector. NGO’s, academia, financial regulators and policy makers to promote financial innovation and vibrancy through thought leadership, engagement, advocacy, research and education. That strategic link comes together at APEC 2019, for example, where the institute is invited to give a talk on AI, banking and regulation to the 21 member countries, which helps promote Canadian innovation.

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Growjo's Fastest Growing Companies In Toronto 2019

July 18, 2019 | Growjo

Congrats to the fastest growing companies in Toronto for 2019! Toronto is the startup capital of Canada and the finance capital of Canada. That combination makes for some really fast growing companies. The list below is based on our algorithm which takes numerous data points into consideration such as number of employees, employee growth, estimated or actual revenue, growth triggers (such as funding, new locations, M&As, hiring announcements, etc), current job openings, etc. All companies have less than 1000 employees.

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Digital Finance Institute Names Canada's Top 50 Women in Fintech For 2019

July 11, 2019 | Beta Kit

TouchBistro's very own Rhonda Bosch, VP of Customer Success makes the prestigious Digital Finance Institute's Top 50 Women in FinTech that recognizes women disrupting financial services through technology in Canada.   For this list, over 400 women were recommended to the Digital Finance Institute by various stakeholders in the industry during the institute’s outreach phase. The institute told BetaKit that the women who were ultimately selected and included in this list were selected based on their leadership, vision, and innovation, engagement and impact, in addition to their commitment to growing and supporting the FinTech community.   “Financial technology plays a vital role in the economic development of Canada, as FinTechs disrupt traditional financial services,” the Digital Finance Institute said in the list’s forward. “A digitalized economy, technology innovation, demographic changes and expanding market demands have been key drivers behind the fast growth of FinTech in Canada.”  

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How TouchBistro Built An Environment Where Everyone Can Do What’s Best For The Business

June 24, 2019

TouchBistro’s goal is to reinvent the restaurant experience, per their careers page, and does so via their iPad POS system. For anyone who’s worked in restaurants – or even just eaten at one – ordering digitally streamlines the entire experience. Growth stems from this corporate vision that is endorsed and supported by TouchBistro CEO Alex Barrotti. The EVO partnership, for example, came from thinking about how to help restaurant owners. TouchBistro knew a payments collaboration would benefit restaurant owners in Mexico, as it has in other countries. Florinis researched potential payment partners in Mexico and recommended EVO Payments. Once EVO was approved, Florinis “mobilized” his team to make the vision a reality.

Latin American Payments Market Becomes An Emerging Target For Development

June 21, 2019 | Mobile Payments Today

Evo Payments Mexico earlier this week entered an agreement with TouchBistro to provide an iPad-based point-of-sale tool to help automate payments at restaurants in that country. Evo Payments is a unit of Atlanta-based Evo Payments Inc., and the exclusive payment provider to Citibanamex.

"Integrated payments is in its early stages in Mexico, and the new solution from EVO and TouchBistro will be a great asset for restaurant merchants looking to incorporate payments into their business management tools," Brendan Tansill, EVO president, the Americas, said via email.

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TouchBistro and EVO Payments México Partner To Integrate Platforms

June 19, 2019 | Verdict Foodservice

Canadian-based restaurant point-of-sale system TouchBistro has partnered with EVO Payments México to integrate iPad point-of-sale (POS) technology with the payment processing platform.

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TouchBistro, EVO Payments México Partnership Creates a Fully Integrated POS & Payments Solution

June 17, 2019 | Hospitality Tech

TouchBistro and EVO Payments México announced a partnership to offer restaurants in Mexico TouchBistro’s iPad point-of-sale (POS) technology fully integrated with the payments processing platform. The integration will help restaurants in Mexico streamline operations and provide better service diners using a unique and high-tech experience.

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Emerging Tech in 2019

May 9, 2019 | CIBC World Markets

Read CIBC's Information Technology Industry Update. In this report, CIBC highlights 41 private companies and their opportunities. The report aims to with help investors discover the next Shopify or Lightspeed and also profiles its founders and leaders earlier in their corporate life to make for higher-quality investment decisions. See page 50 for TouchBistro.

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TouchBistro's Research on the State of Full Service Restaurants

April 12, 2019 | Hospitality Tech

A research report published today by TouchBistro on “The State of Full Service Restaurants in 2019” highlights benchmarks on key operational factors that affect profitability for FSR restaurant owners in the U.S. The benchmarks cover adoption of online ordering and mobile payments; staffing challenges, how to find and entice new hires, optimum employee qualities; inventory management and controlling food costs; cost of rent by geographical location and as a percent of sales; funding sources for opening a restaurant and unexpected expenses; POS and payment processor choices and utilization; and average profit margins.

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