Staff & Managers Features

TouchBistro is loaded with smart front-end features that will give your staff the power to work quicker, reduce errors, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Order Taking Features

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Name table or party group
  • Reorder function
  • Menu item search
  • Designate item quantity
  • Delete or void menu items or an entire table
  • Menu-only mode for patron viewing

Quick Counter & Bar Features

  • Cash Management (pay-ins and pay-outs)
  • Landscape and portrait
  • Quickly create takeout/delivery orders
  • Automatically generate delivery route for delivery orders
  • Combine bar tabs

Table Organization Features

  • Add & Delete seats to/from tables
  • Move entire or partial party from one table to another
  • Move item to another person or table
  • Move take-out orders or bar tabs to tables

Communications Features

  • Specify cooking instructions per item
  • Custom modifiers
  • Add/edit reservations
  • Keep track of daily special counts
  • Low inventory warning
  • In-app messaging center
  • Option for larger font size and printing red ink on impact printers
  • Manage customer contacts

Check-Out Features

  • Discounts per item
  • Item splitting by seat
  • Tax exclusion
  • Separate & combine bills by seat

Accessibility Features

  • Left-hand and right-hand support
  • Light & Dark Display Modes

Admin, Customization & Security Features

Control and customization are in your hands with TouchBistro’s advanced admin and security features. Gain peace of mind knowing you’ve got features at your fingertips to control every aspect of your restaurant.

Payment Processing/Integration Features

Security Features

  • Auto grat management
  • Unsent items warning
  • Custom modifier identifier (prevents theft)
  • Automated daily data back-ups
  • Reopened bill history NEW

Floorplan Layout & Management Features

  • Add tables, chairs, bar stools & walls
  • Add/edit sections
  • Layout floorplan in landscape or portrait mode
  • Create floor plan and import from 3rd party editor
  • Multi level floor plan ability
  • Use image as floorplan background

Custom Settings Features

  • Enable up to 3 unique tax rates
  • Set auto gratuity for parties greater than a certain size
  • Set custom message at bottom of bills
  • Set auto open cash drawer on payments
  • Set manager override on voids & discounts
  • Set before/after tax tip guide
  • Create 'short name' for items to appear on kitchen chits
  • Add or remove payment buttons
  • Set pre-auth credit card receipt tip line NEW
  • Set pre-auth credit card receipt thank you message NEW

Inventory Features

  • Recipe management NEW
  • Ingredient-level food cost reports NEW
  • Ingredient-level inventory tracking NEW
  • Item-level food cost reports NEW
  • Item-level inventory tracking NEW
  • Ingredient & menu item inventory reports NEW
  • Low inventory warnings NEW

Reporting & Remote Management Features

Get access to detailed and actionable reports about the performance of your business via the cloud or on the iPad (on premise). From labor to sales reports, TouchBistro keeps you informed regardless of where you are. Use our reports and start making more informed decisions about your business today.

Report Management Features

  • Export to CSV, print, and email all reports for easy access and sharing
  • Build custom templates to save time on weekly, monthly, or yearly reporting

Sales Features

  • Sales Total
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Sales by Section
  • Sales by Category
  • Up-to-the-Minute Sales Snapshot
  • Detailed Discount Report & Summary
  • Void Report by Employee
  • Waiter Sales Item Totals
  • Robust Cloud-based Reporting Allowing for Secure & Remote Access
  • Reports Available Through In-App & via the Cloud

Accounting Features

  • Mexico Factura electrónica (CFDI) support
  • Detailed Accounts Report
  • Tax Report
  • Statistical Summary (avg spend, avg # of customers)
  • Bevinco Report
  • Shogo for QuickBooks Integration
    see here

Payment Features

  • Payment & Refund Totals
  • Detailed Credit Card Payment Report
  • Detailed Credit Card Refund Report
  • Payments by Section

Labor Features

  • Hours Report
  • Detailed Shift Report
  • Credit Card Tips Report
  • Cash Tip Report
  • Waiter Activity Reports